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9 Unique Wedding Desserts (That Aren’t a Traditional Cake!)

posted by Alex Hamilton

It is a common misconception that wedding cake is inherently bad. We are here to tell you that that just isn’t true at all. If you are a believer, then you just haven’t had any of the fantastic creations from our DC area cake and dessert vendors! Sometimes though, a traditional cake just isn’t for [read more…]

Wedding Reception Food Trends

posted by Alex Hamilton

As promised, we are back with some awesome tips and trends with Purple Onion Catering‘s Joanie Rylander! We are super excited to share some of the hottest new ideas for your DC area wedding reception. Since food is obviously very important to a majority of our brides and grooms, we wanted to find out what [read more…]

Wedding Cocktail Hour Trends

posted by Alex Hamilton

We are constantly asking brides and grooms about the most important aspects of their wedding day and what they “couldn’t live without.” We tend to get tons of varied answers except for one; we almost always hear that the food on their day was super important to them. Of course they want their guests to enjoy themselves and [read more…]

Creative Signature Cocktail Inspiration

posted by Alex Hamilton

We all know that cocktails can be a fun part of any wedding celebration, but where do you start when choosing your signature drink? There are tons of different options for the customization of wedding cocktails, and many couples choose to incorporate their likes, dislikes, background, culture, and wedding theme. We love all of the creative options that our [read more…]

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