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What To Do If Your Wedding Vendors Are Late or Don’t Show Up

posted by julianne

A local wedding planner in the Washington DC area, Tiffany at Simply Breathe Events, wrote to me with a horror story about how the wedding cake baker did not show at one of her recent weddings! She had to come up with a solution on the fly. Total yikes! Things might not go perfectly on [read more...]

Favorite Historic House or Library Wedding Venues in the DC Area

posted by julianne

Sure, the DC area has its fair share of hotels and vineyards, but it is the nation’s capital, after all! We live in a historic area, so naturally there are many manors, houses, libraries and otherwise historic wedding venues in the Washington DC area to choose from when planning your wedding. You don’t have to [read more...]

Large Venues for 300 Guests or More in the DC Area

posted by julianne

Maybe you just can’t cut that guest list, maybe your extended family is huge or maybe you just want to have a really, really big party! Whatever the reason, it is time to profile a few of the big wedding venues in our Washington DC area wedding venue search series! We are talking the venues [read more...]

Small Wedding Venues in DC Area for 75 Guests or Less

posted by julianne

Remember when I said that we were doing a series all summer long on the wedding venue search in the DC area?? Ok, well here we go! We’ve talked to a few of the best wedding planners in the DC area and first we got their tips for venue hunting in the DC area. Next, [read more...]

The Best Tips for Finding a Venue in DC Area

posted by julianne

Welcome to the first post in a summer long series about finding the right wedding venue in the Washington DC area. I’m super excited to share this series with you because I know that venue selection is something that many of you need help with in your planning process. From restaurants, vineyards, hotels (and more [read more...]

Wedding Food Trends for 2013

posted by Ally Lopez

Mmm, I’m so excited about today’s post! Our forecast for the wedding trends in 2013 continues with the latest and greatest in food and desserts! When it comes to your DC area wedding food, the options are endless—so where do you begin? Before you book tasting appointments with local DC area caterers, get a head [read more...]

Maryland Wedding Reception: Carly + Tim

posted by julianne

We are all things red with love this week and we are coming at you with part two of Carly and Tim’s Maryland wedding from Roberts & Co. Events! (Did you see their Russian Orthodox wedding ceremony?) You can talk all you want about how their tables popped with red, their delicious desserts or their [read more...]

Maryland Wedding Ceremony: Carly + Tim

posted by julianne

With Valentine’s Day coming up on Thursday, you’re going to be really feeling the love this week! Think red weddings, red lips, the works. We’re kicking things off with Carly and Tim’s perfectly red Maryland wedding from Roberts & Co. Events and Duhon Photography! Set outside at Stone Manor Country Club, they had a traditional Russian Orthodox [read more...]

10 Things to Skip at Your Wedding to Save Money

posted by julianne

Let’s be honest. We all can’t afford to have the wedding of our dreams when those dream mean thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars – especially in the Washington, DC area. Planning (aka funding) your wedding comes down to priorities. Spend money on the things that matter the most to you as a couple [read more...]

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