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10 Places to Get Married in Southern Maryland

posted by kate

Are you thinking about a destination wedding be aren’t sure if you want to get on a plane or plan from that far away? When it comes to local Washington DC area wedding locations, southern Maryland is home to some of the best venues in the region! From sandy beaches to historic locations and, of [read more…]

DC Wedding Venue Tour: Arena Stage

posted by julianne

The Washington DC area is lucky to be the home to so many great wedding venues, but if you’re searching for a non-traditional wedding venue, those can be harder to find. In today’s virtual wedding venue tour, we wanted to take you to an unexpected wedding venue that you just might fall in love with! [read more…]

Favorite Museum Wedding Venues in the DC Area

posted by julianne

The Washington DC area is home to many (many) museums, as we all know. It is what makes the capital region so awesome! But, have you thought about getting married at one of the incredible museums in the DC area? Maybe you have a favorite museum that is meaningful to your relationship! Well, next up [read more…]

Favorite Non-Traditional Wedding Venues in DC Area

posted by julianne

Time for the fun stuff! Next up in our Washington DC area wedding venue search series are the non-traditional wedding venues – the ones you might not know about or haven’t thought of as a possible wedding venue. Basically, the wedding venues that aren’t your typical hotel ballroom. We asked a few of the best [read more…]

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