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How to Build a Personalized Wedding Website

posted by ally

If you are looking to create a personalized website for your upcoming wedding in the Washington DC area, then read on my friend! In today’s digital world, a website is a convenient and paper-free go-to for the all the details of your day. We’re talking everything from engagement photos and travel accommodations to gift registries [read more...]

Ideas for Wedding Anniversary Gifts + Flowers

posted by ally

As much as we love weddings in the Washington DC area around these parts, we love a good anniversary celebration, too! Today we are talking about how to celebrate those milestone occasions with a list of gift ideas. (And here’s a little inspiration for wedding gift packaging ideas to help you get started!) From the [read more...]

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to Us

posted by julianne

I’m always walking a fine line between being personable on the blog, but not making it selfishly about me, and instead giving you lots of helpful advice for planning your wedding in the Washington DC area. After all, that’s what you need and I’ve already been through this process that you are going through right [read more...]

Best Questions to Ask Your Wedding Florist

posted by julianne

We are back with more wedding floral week education! I hope that you are having fun following along! Right now, we are talking with the best wedding florists in the Washington DC area and asking their help with the beginning stages of prepping for flowers at your wedding. So, we are talking that first bit [read more...]

Wedding Floral Meeting: Who and What to Bring?

posted by julianne

Welcome back to wedding flower week! We are just getting started, but hopefully you are learning lots from our wedding floral design experts in the Washington DC area. I know that I am! As I said, we haven’t done much in the way of wedding flower advice, other than wedding flowers in the DC area by [read more...]

Ideas for Virginia Wedding Welcome Bags

posted by ally

Greet travelling, out-of-town guests with a welcome bag inspired by the state made for lovers and make your Virginia wedding weekend all the more memorable. A few weeks ago, we answered a local bride-to-be’s question on ideas for unique and locally-made goodies for an out-of-town bag. (Don’t miss our ideas for a DC wedding welcome [read more...]

Ideas for Maryland Wedding Welcome Bags

posted by ally

Greet your out-of-town guests to your wedding in Maryland with the ultimate welcome—a bag filled to the brim with some of your favorite local goodies! A bride-to-be reader recently came to us with a question: what are some ideas for unique and locally-made items for an out-of-town bag? (Be sure to check out our ideas [read more...]

What Our Real Couples Wish They Knew Before Planning Their Wedding

posted by kate

Has planning your wedding in the Washington DC area got you down? Are you worried you won’t please everyone? We’ve given our advice on what to do if you hate wedding planning, but now it is time for some advice from the trenches. This time, we asked the real couples of the weddings in DC, MD [read more...]

Do You Hate Planning Your Wedding??

posted by julianne

Do you hate planning your wedding?? Are you in a wedding planning funk and just want the whole thing to be over?? Worse, were you kind of excited about planning your wedding before you got engaged, but now you realize that the whole thing is totally horrible?? Yikes! Before we get started, let me tell [read more...]

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