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Design Advice: Working With Your Wedding Venue

posted by Alex Hamilton

Today we are handing over the reins to Bellwether Events’ Janice Carnevale so she can discuss how to design your wedding around the venue of your choosing, instead of trying to fight against it with decor, florals, lighting, and more! Thank you to Kristi Odom Photography for the spectacular photos of Janice’s event. …….. I’m excited to [read more…]

Save and Splurge: Balancing Your Wedding Flower Budget

posted by Alex Hamilton

Jennifer Morris, owner of J. Morris Flowers in Leesburg, VA understands that couples work within their wedding budget to choose the central elements of their own unique wedding. “Our 2016, Washington, D.C. area wedding clients want to have some idea about what to expect when they walk into our studio and as they discuss their [read more…]

Military Wedding Stationery: What you need to know

posted by Tabitha

**Editors Note: We loved this post from 2014 so much that we wanted to re-share with our newly engaged couples trying to navigate Military Stationery for their wedding day- enjoy!** ………….. Welcome back to another installment in our military wedding week mini series—we hope you’re learning lots as we explore tips, advice and inspiration for military [read more…]

The Perfect Flowers for your Spring Wedding!

posted by Alex Hamilton

We here at United with Love are in a fantastic mood since Spring has officially sprung, the days are getting longer, and the flowers are beginning to bloom outside! Everywhere we look there seem to be vibrant colors and fragrant florals, not to mention some pretty great cherry blossoms! All of these things have inspired [read more…]

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