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5 Ways to Build A Good Wedding Vendor Team

posted by julianne

Perhaps you’ve read the wedding planning advice or you’ve heard other recently married couples talk about it. Either way, know this about planning a wedding: it is important that you build a great team of wedding vendors to help you pull off your wedding day. From the wedding fashion to the officiant, to the catered meal [read more…]

Last Minute Summer Wedding Tips For Heat and Sun

posted by julianne

This is a true story. My parents went to a wedding last weekend. It was the middle of June so you can imagine how sunny, hot and steamy it was here in the Washington DC area. The wedding ceremony was outside in the sun with no shade. The wedding ceremony was supposed to start at [read more…]

The In’s And Out’s Of Wedding Traditions

posted by julianne

Weddings are nothing, if not traditional. From that first date to heading out on your honeymoon, everything about standing up in front of your loved ones and committing yourselves to each other is rooted in a tradition of some sort. That said, the wedding rules have changed. Engaged couples today have and will continue to [read more…]

Best Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

posted by julianne

Today we are joining in on your wedding venue search, so sit back and get ready to take notes! When it comes time to do your venue tour, it’s always good to come in with a list of questions to ask or things to have in mind. To ensure you make an informed decision, we [read more…]

What to Look for in a Wedding Venue

posted by julianne

One of the tough parts of planning a wedding in Washington DC is that there are just so many options! If you’re still searching for a wedding venue, then you know I’m right. And, if you’ve just started your search, well then you really know the confusion of what I’m talking about! With countless unique [read more…]

How to Have a Courthouse Wedding in DC

posted by julianne

There is just something so utterly romantic about a courthouse wedding. From focusing on the love between two people to all the fun options for wedding day attire, what’s not to love? If you’re planning a wedding in Washington DC at a courthouse, then get ready to take some serious notes because today, we’re dishing [read more…]

6 Unconventional Wedding Venues in DC

posted by julianne

One of the hardest parts of having a wedding in Washington DC is that there is just too much choice! This is so true for finding a wedding venue. There are countless locations and unique spots to have your wedding. In addition to the number of options for wedding venues in DC is also the [read more…]

How to Become a Wedding Officiant in DC, MD + VA

posted by julianne

Being asked to officiate a wedding in the Washington DC area for a couple you know and love is position that comes with great honor… and it can also be little intimidating, too! Fear not, my friends, we’re here to help. Before you help write a custom wedding ceremony, you will need to check out the [read more…]

10 Places to Get Married in Southern Maryland

posted by kate

Are you thinking about a destination wedding be aren’t sure if you want to get on a plane or plan from that far away? When it comes to local Washington DC area wedding locations, southern Maryland is home to some of the best venues in the region! From sandy beaches to historic locations and, of [read more…]

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