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How to Create Your Wedding Guest List

posted by julianne

The wedding guest list might just be one of the hardest parts about having a wedding in the Washington DC area. Just exactly how many people should you invite? Will guests decline? What about the “A list” and the “B list”? We went to some of the top wedding planners in the Washington DC area [read more…]

Free Printable Wedding Planning Pocket Guide

posted by ally

It’s high time for wedding engagement season! (The time between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day where many pop “the question.”) So, whether you’re newly engaged or already knee deep in wedding planning, you’ve probably got attending a local DMV wedding event on your to-do list. As much information and pretty wedding inspiration that wedding events offer, [read more…]

What to Look for in a Wedding Venue

posted by ally

One of the tough parts of planning a wedding in Washington DC is that there are just so many options! If you’re still searching for a wedding venue, then you know I’m right. And, if you’ve just started your search, well then you really know the confusion of what I’m talking about! With countless unique [read more…]

Best of 2014: Tips & Advice

posted by kate

Did you know that we are more than just pretty pictures here?! Oh yes, United With Love is loaded with of wedding planning advice from the professionals in the Washington DC area. We’ve featured advice and tips on everything from how to pick a wedding venue to questions to ask your catering vendor to local bachelorette [read more…]

Holiday-Inspired Wedding Welcome Bags

posted by ally

‘Tis the season for winter wedding inspiration and ideas! Today we’re talking about wedding welcome bags and how to add a little holiday cheer to them! (Be sure to take a look at our past posts on what to include in a Washington DC wedding welcome bag, a Maryland wedding welcome bag, and a Virginia wedding welcome bag!) [read more…]

Wedding Registry Ideas from Crate & Barrel

posted by julianne

It is gift giving season, that’s for sure! However, when it comes to weddings and gifts, it can be tricky as a guest to get the couple that perfect gift; something that you know they will love and cherish forever. But, I get that as an engaged couple you might be a little nervous about [read more…]

How to Have a Courthouse Wedding in Washington DC

posted by ally

There is just something so utterly romantic about a courthouse wedding. From focusing on the love between two people to all the fun options for wedding day attire, what’s not to love? If you’re planning a wedding in Washington DC at a courthouse, then get ready to take some serious notes because today, we’re dishing [read more…]

How to Preserve Your Top Wedding Cake Tier

posted by ally

The sweet tradition of celebrating your first wedding anniversary by eating the top wedding cake tier could turn sour, but there are a few tips that can help you do it successfully! One of the oldest wedding traditions, savoring the cake once again brings back memories of your big day and a blissful first year [read more…]

What If You Hate Roses?

posted by julianne

We have come to the end of our two-time run of wedding floral week! I can’t believe it! We’ve been over everything from wedding floral costs to DIY wedding flowers. Today, we are talking about roses. I’ve heard from a reader or two that they aren’t really into roses and want some ideas for other flowers [read more…]

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