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Ideas for Maryland Wedding Welcome Bags

posted by Ally Lopez

Greet your out-of-town guests to your wedding in Maryland with the ultimate welcome—a bag filled to the brim with some of your favorite local goodies! A bride-to-be reader recently came to us with a question: what are some ideas for unique and locally-made items for an out-of-town bag? (Be sure to check out our ideas [read more...]

Top Honeymoon Destinations for DC Area Couples

posted by Ally Lopez

Today, we’re taking a slight break from all the crazy that goes into planning for your Washington DC area wedding and focusing on the fun that comes after the wedding—the honeymoon! There are so many ideas for honeymoons to choose from (literally, anywhere in world is an option), so how do you and yours make [read more...]

Ideas for Washington DC Wedding Welcome Bags

posted by Ally Lopez

In lieu of a warm, in-person greeting, consider welcoming your out-of-town wedding guests with a welcome bag filled with hand-picked goodies (hello, midnight munchies!) and helpful niceties to make them feel at home! But what do you include? One of our bride-to-be readers, Melissa, sent us her dilemma for her wedding in DC this fall. What are [read more...]

Wedding Insurance: What It Is and Why You Need It

posted by julianne

We love the pretty pictures and the romantic stories as much as the next person, but you also know that we like to dish lots of wedding advice. We like to give you the scoop on planning a wedding in the Washington DC area that no one else will tell you. Today’s topic: wedding insurance. [read more...]

How to Have a Destination Wedding in the DC Area

posted by julianne

We are the nation’s capitol after all and quite the tourist location! Naturally, the Washington DC area is home to many destination weddings. If you are out of town and trying to plan your wedding in Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia, we have your back today. Rebecca from Blue Canary Events is giving us the [read more...]

What Our Real Couples Wish They Knew Before Planning Their Wedding

posted by Kate Oczypok

Has planning your wedding in the Washington DC area got you down? Are you worried you won’t please everyone? We’ve given our advice on what to do if you hate wedding planning, but now it is time for some advice from the trenches. This time, we asked the real couples of the weddings in DC, MD [read more...]

Summer Wedding Hair & Makeup Tips

posted by julianne

Are you melting in this heat?? I don’t do well in this humidity and I don’t know how brides and grooms do it either! If you are getting married in the Washington DC area this summer (or next) then the heat is something you’ll have to deal with. (Here are some of our fav summer [read more...]

The Cost of Wedding Catering

posted by julianne

Why is the food at my wedding so expensive? I mean, really, is it that hard? The short answer is “yes”! Yes, it really is that hard to bring out a hot, delicious meal to all of your guests all at one time! And by the way, the meal itself starts months in advance of the day [read more...]

Tips for Choosing a Custom-Made Wedding Dress

posted by Ally Lopez

The search for a perfect wedding gown is without a doubt one of the most exciting decisions you’ll make during your wedding planning. While bridal dress shopping should certainly be the experience of a lifetime, for many brides, the prospect of finding the dress can be a daunting task—so why not choose a bespoke dress? [read more...]

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