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How to Welcome Out-of-Town Wedding Guests

posted by ally

When it comes to your wedding in the Washington DC area, you probably have plenty of out-of-town guests travelling to the area for your celebration of love! What do you need to know about welcoming guests and heelping them navigate the city? Once again, we turned to some of the top wedding planners in the Washington [read more…]

Best Questions to Ask Your Wedding Hair Stylist

posted by ally

Let’s talk wedding day hair, shall we? When it comes to hiring the pros (in any part of your wedding planning really!), it’s always good to go into a meeting with the right questions! To make sure you look your best on your wedding day, we turned to some of the top DC-area wedding hair [read more…]

What is Day-Of Wedding Coordination?

posted by ally

Today, we are talking about professional wedding day lifesavers also known as day-of wedding coordinators! “Day-of” is one of those industry terms that we in the biz throw around, but maybe you don’t know what that means and how these special planners can help you on your wedding day. When it comes to planning your wedding [read more…]

How to Plan Your Wedding Online

posted by ally

Modern brides and grooms are bombarded with the endless wedding ideas and inspiration that you can easily get lost in on the Internet. From Pinterest to Instagram, the web is a serious black hole of wedding planning. We feel ya! Planning a wedding in the Washington DC area is exciting and challenging, and as always, [read more…]

How to Plan a Rehearsal Dinner

posted by ally

There are so many fun celebrations and events that come before the big day – engagement parties, showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more – but there’s one that will surely kick off the weekend for your wedding in the Washington DC area with a bang: the rehearsal dinner! Yes, the day (or two!) before you and yours [read more…]

Best Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

posted by ally

Today we are joining in on your wedding venue search, so sit back and get ready to take notes! When it comes time to do your venue tour, it’s always good to come in with a list of questions to ask or things to have in mind. To ensure you make an informed decision, we [read more…]

How to Cut Your Wedding Guest List

posted by ally

Last week we talked about how to create a wedding guest list and with that checked off on your wedding planning to-do list comes one more daunting task: cutting the guest list down. But fear not, cutting down your list can be simplified if you know where to start. Once again, we turned to some [read more…]

How to Create Your Wedding Guest List

posted by julianne

The wedding guest list might just be one of the hardest parts about having a wedding in the Washington DC area. Just exactly how many people should you invite? Will guests decline? What about the “A list” and the “B list”? We went to some of the top wedding planners in the Washington DC area [read more…]

Free Printable Wedding Planning Pocket Guide

posted by ally

It’s high time for wedding engagement season! (The time between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day where many pop “the question.”) So, whether you’re newly engaged or already knee deep in wedding planning, you’ve probably got attending a local DMV wedding event on your to-do list. As much information and pretty wedding inspiration that wedding events offer, [read more…]

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