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Wedding Band Myths Debunked

posted by ally

You and yours will encounter a few debates during your wedding planning, but today we’re helping you settle one of them: wedding band or DJ? While we love all Washington DC wedding music and entertainment pros, we know that it’s essential to choose the right type of entertainment that suits your wedding style, budget and, [read more…]

Wedding Playlist: Bridal Party Entrance Songs

posted by ally

We hope everyone on the East Coast has stayed dry! To take your mind off of hurricane madness, we’re back with more from our wedding song suggestions series with local deejay Ryan Deal, owner of Mixing Maryland, and today, we’re talking bridal party entrance! Regardless of your choice for wedding entertainment and music in Washington, [read more…]

Wedding Playlist: Cake Cutting Songs

posted by julianne

Even if you hire an awesome DJ or band for your wedding, you’ll still need to make a few song selections. I’m talking the personal choices for those big time moments at your wedding, like cake cutting and the mother-son dance. We have you covered though with Ryan, local DJ and owner of Mixing Maryland. [read more…]

How to Have a Packed Dance Floor

posted by ally

Couples often spend a lot of time and effort in choosing the perfect first dance song, but what about the rest of the night?! Believe it or not, there are some major wedding music no, no’s. We are talking the music selections that will clear your dance floor so fast! We’ve called on Jennifer Reitmeyer, [read more…]

Preparing for Your First Dance

posted by ally

Get out your dancing shoes! Between deciding on a location, choosing a DJ, and everything in between, there’s one thing about your wedding’s reception that shouldn’t go overlooked: your first dance. With all eyes on you and your significant other, the very idea might be enough to give you nightmares, but fear not! We’ve called [read more…]

Creative Music for Wedding Ceremonies

posted by ally

Music and song selections help convey the right atmosphere for your wedding day. Whether it’s a song performed by a string quartet during the prelude, or sung by the maid of honor during your recession as a married couple, it’s important to carefully select music that best reflects you as a couple. As beautiful as [read more…]

Don’t Forget to Ask Your DJ

posted by Julianne

Did you have a good holiday weekend?? We missed you while we were away! But, not to worry, we are getting a little fun up in here today! I always like days on the blog when we talk to the pros, especially the fun ones like the DJs. We have Bryan George, a wedding DJ [read more…]

Free eBook on Hiring a DJ

posted by Julianne

The music at your wedding is one of those things that people will be talking about for years to come – good and bad!  Local wedding DJ, MyDeejay, just recently published an eBook with tips on how to hire a DJ for your wedding.  In a frank and honest way, this book outlines the pitfalls [read more…]

Wedding Day Music Tips

posted by Julianne

Dum, dum, dee, dum!  We’ve all heard the same wedding tune over and over again.  But, there is more to wedding day music than the processional and it is important that you have good communication with all of your wedding day music providers.  (I’m having flash backs of my own wedding day when the pianist [read more…]

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