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Free Printable Wedding Kids Activity Book

posted by julianne

This week we’re talking about a special group of wedding guests — the little ones! And, what better way to kick things off than with a free printable!? If you thought the idea of keeping children entertained may be a daunting task — think again. Michelle at City Bee Design created for us a free printable kids [read more…]

Sample Budget for $30,000 Wedding in DC Area

posted by julianne

So, you want to get married and have a wedding in the Washington, DC area, but you don’t know where to start on the finances. Everyone says that you need to come up with a budget first and we are here to help! We talked to a few of our expert friends in the DC [read more…]

Average Cost of Wedding in the DC Area

posted by julianne

I promised in the reader survey that I’d take your comments to heart and actually use them to make this wedding blog for couples in the DC area better. In turn, hopefully it will make your wedding planning process easier. Because, let’s face it, planning a wedding in the DMV is not easy, or cheap! The [read more…]

5 Ways to Save Money on a DC Area Wedding

posted by julianne

Friends, I know it isn’t easy. Hosting a wedding in the Washington DC area is tough stuff. It is expensive! (More expensive than planning a wedding in other parts of the country, might I add!) Here are five simple things that you can try to do to save a little money for your wedding in [read more…]

Top Rehearsal Dinner Locations

posted by Julianne

I’m so glad that you’ve joined us again for wedding rehearsal dinner week!  Planning a rehearsal dinner in the DC area can be overwhelming, but throughout this week we’ll give you the tools to pull off a spectacular affair.  Just don’t make it more amazing than your wedding, OK?! Choosing a venue for your wedding’s [read more…]

How to Get A Marriage License in DC, MD and VA

posted by julianne

Before your wedding in the Washington, DC area is official, you’ll need to apply for and obtain a marriage license.  There are few things less exciting than red tape, but it will be worth it in the end to make your wedding in DC, Maryland and Virginia legal. Photo credit:  Katie Stoops Photography Before you [read more…]

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