Congrats! Thank you so much for your interest in having your wedding and/or engagement announced on United With Love. Having your good news featured on the DC area’s largest and most influential blog is a great way to spread the word and let your love story be heard!

Announcements will receive a full, front page editorial post that you can share around with friends and family. You will also get a special, surprise gift in the mail from United With Love’s editor! We run two announcements per month, so there is a very limited amount of space. These announcements are different that the real wedding and engagement session features. Only the most real and most loving announcements will be chosen!

Fine Print: All information below must be complete in order to be considered. Photos must be professional or very high quality. The best applications are the ones with the most detail! Prior to publication, applications may be edited to meet the blog’s style and feel. Announcements are limited to weddings and/or engagements that took place within the last year and must have a Washington DC area connection. There is a $50 application fee. Please submit the payment and then come back to fill out the application. All fees must be paid prior to publication.

Please email us at with any questions or if you have any troubles with this application.