One wedding ceremony custom that we love seeing is a beautifully crafted Sofreh Aghd. A traditional Persian wedding spread, the Sofreh Aghd is a combination of legal marriage and ceremonial traditions that come together to unite the couple. Having been practiced for years, each Sofreh (meaning “spread”) and Aghd (meaning “ceremony”) is personalized to fit the couple and their own unique style. Today we are sharing a warm romantic Stone Manor Country Club wedding with Nat Wongsaroj Photography. The couple married in the rolling hills of the Maryland wedding venue estate followed by dinner and dancing under a peak pole tent. We love the soft color story of lavender, blush, and cream that ran throughout the day!

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Most Sofreh designs are based around the same objects and meanings, but can be as elaborate or simplistic as the couple’s taste desires. Designers often take inspiration from the overall wedding aesthetic and create a unique platform that embodies the soul of the couple and years upon years of cultural traditions. Traditionally the base of the Sofreh is a raised platform or stage which sits off of the natural ground with two stools or chairs for the couple behind it called Mokhadded. A ceremonial cloth is layered over the platform with the spread of items to be placed on top. Some of those items include the following:

  • Ayeeneh : A Mirror which represents bringing light  into the future for the newlywed couple.
  • Shamdoon: Candelabras and candles that  symbolize energy and clarity in their new life together.
  • Khoncheh : Seven specific herbs & spices are placed on the spread to guard against the evil eye. The mix of herbs and spices include poppy seeds, wild rice, angelica, salt, nigella seeds , black tea, frankincense.
  • Noon Sangak: Flatbread display that symbolizes prosperity for the  couple’s life together.
  • Tokhmeh Morgh: Eggs represent fertility for the couple.
  • Badoom, Gandom, and Gerdoo: Almond, walnut, & Hazelnut also represent and symbolize fertility for the newlyweds.
  • Meeveh: Seasonal fruits of pomegranates + apples to represent a joyous future.
  • Shahkheh Nabat: Rock or Hard candy to symbolize the sweetened life for the newlyweds.
  • Sekkeh: Coins are place on the sofreh to represent wealth & prosperity
  • Asal:: Honey is placed on the sofreh to be consumed as the ceremony is concluding. The couple ip pinkies in the honey and shared together to represent sweetness for life.
  • Golaab: Rose water is used to perfume the air.
  • Holy book of the couples Faith: A Koran or Bible is placed on the sofreh aghd to symbolize God’s blessing for the couple. The book is usually opened from the middle and placed on the spread in front of the couple as a symbol of faith
  • Sheereeni: Sweets + pastries are out and to be shared with the guests after the ceremony concludes.
  • Tooreh Ghand: Sugar Cloth is a delicate fabric which is held over the couple’s head throughout the ceremony by various happily married female relatives and friends
  • Kaleh Ghand: Sugar cones are rubbed by happily married woman  together over the “ghand cloth” while held over the couple’s head to shower their life and marriage with sweetness.
  • Soozan Nakh: Needle and Thread rest of on sofreh to symbolize the ritual of two families becoming one.

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Congratulations to Rachid and Olivia!  Thank you for sharing your romantic Maryland Wedding ceremony  with us!

The following Washington DC area wedding professionals contributed to their wedding:

Wedding Planner: Exclusively Events
Venu: Stone Manor Country Club
Photography: Nat Wongsaroj
Floral Designer: Maryam Flowers
DJ: Exclusively Entertainment

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