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We all know the old adage “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” and of course we believe in that, but we’re not ready to discount any of the other fantastic gems out there when looking for fabulous engagement ring inspiration! You know we are suckers for anything sparkly  (if you have any doubts, see this post on 10 Tips for Wedding Day Sparkle) so when we had the opportunity to team up with another one of the diamond industry’s heavy hitters, we just couldn’t say no! If you’re dreaming of something a little less traditional and a little more “you,” have no fear – we have teamed up with Blue Nile to bring you some of our favorite engagement rings!

If stunning round and princess cut diamond engagement rings are popping up on all of your social media feeds, you may want to stand out a little when showing off your rock; we can’t fault you! Like we said before, we are always fans of diamonds but if you want to add a little something different to your ring, going for a non-traditional cut could be the path for you. Choosing a unique diamond shape may not only make you stand out in a crowd, but could also save you some cash! Imagine where you could go on your honeymoon with the roughly 30% you could save on a pear, marquise, or other uniquely shaped diamond with Blue Nile.


Cushion Cut – This atypical shape has been popular for more than a century. Cushion-cut diamonds (also known as “pillow-cut” diamonds) have rounded corners and larger facets to increase their brilliance. These larger facets highlight the diamond’s clarity, as you can see in this stunner; talk about bling bling! Halos are super in right now and we love how this ring combined the cushion cut shape with the halo.

Pear – This brilliant-cut diamond is also called a teardrop for its single point and rounded end, as shown in the middle ring of those in the image above. The unique look of the pear shape helps make it a popular choice for a variety of diamond jewelry. If you choose an elongated pear shape, the length of the diamond creates a subtle slimming effect on the fingers, and who doesn’t want that when posting their “I said yes!” Instagram photos?!

Marquise – The shape of a marquise diamond can maximize carat weight, giving you a much larger-looking diamond. This brilliant-cut diamond, shown in ring number one on the above image, looks beautiful set with round or pear-shaped side stones, and the length of the marquise makes fingers appear long and slender. We love how this bride opted for a marquise cut diamond with a halo paired with a varied stone shape wedding band.

Emerald – What makes this shape different is its pavilion, which is cut with rectangular facets to create a unique optical appearance – you can see this in the second ring from the top in the image. Due to its larger, open table, this shape highlights the clarity of a diamond. This particular ring has three emerald cut diamonds, which not only adds more sparkle but is also quite unique! Don’t our brides have fantastic sparklers?


We get so excited when our brides decide to opt for an engagement ring or wedding band with a little color! We love Blue Nile’s large array of gemstone rings because they have every color and stone imaginable. From the deep red of a ruby to the lighter hue of a pink sapphire, or from the pale blue of an aquamarine to the rich navy of a sapphire and everything in between, having a unique color on your ring finger is always fun. Below we have compiled some of Blue Nile’s stone options in each color family in case you have a favorite color but aren’t sure which gemstone to go with.

Red – Ruby, Garnet | Orange – Mandarin Garnet, Citrine | Yellow – Yellow Sapphire

Blue – Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Sky Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Tanzanite, Aqua Chalcedony

Pink – Morganite, Pink Sapphire, Pink Tourmaline

Green – Emerald, Peridot

Purple – Amethyst, Rose de France

If you want to see a little more bling bling before you begin looking for “the one” on Blue Nile, check out some of our engagement ring inspiration and see all of the stunning designs chosen by UWL’s local couples through some of our many engagement photo sessions!

Photo Credit: Blue Nile

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