Want some wedding photos with that iconic Washington DC feel but don’t want to be running around town on your wedding day? Opt for engagement session photos at all of your favorite monuments and spots around the city! Not only will this save time on the big day but it will also allow for outfit changes that fit the ambiance, and who doesn’t love a good outfit change? We know that a lot of brides and grooms can get a little anxious when thinking about taking these photos, but we promise that wedding engagement sessions can be one of the best parts of wedding planning! We have compiled advice on how to make this a smooth process!

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Evelyn Alas Photography

Location, location, location! If you and your honey have a site that is particularly meaningful to your story as a couple, that is a great place to start! It could be your first date spot, the location of your first kiss, or it could be an area that you love exploring together such as wineries or national parks. Maybe you two live together and your neighborhood is very much a part of you two as a couple! There are so many different places to choose from! If nowhere significant comes to mind it is always good to draw from personal aesthetic and where you two think you may be the most comfortable in front of the camera. Keep in mind that some of your chosen locations may require a permit or payment of a fee before you can legally start shooting.

What should you wear? First of all, wear something that reflects who you are. If you wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress, don’t wear a dress! If you’re uncomfortable in your outfit it will come across in your photos. Be cognizant of the weather and where you are planning on taking the photos. If there is snow on the ground, you might look a little silly in a sleeveless dress – not to mention you will be freezing! Try to complement your other half, too. Don’t wear the exact same color or the exact same outfit. You definitely don’t need to be matchy matchy! Also, outfit changes are usually welcome! Speak with your photographer beforehand so you can plan out what to model, where, and when!

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Hieu Pham Photography

Strike a pose! Or don’t! Some couples get stressed about taking the “perfect photo” but it’s not something to worry about. Your photographer does this for a living so they will help you look your best. Not every picture needs to be a serious high fashion shot; if you are just laughing and flirting with your partner, your photos will come across as natural and your love is bound to shine through. That’s what it’s all about, right?

Communication is key. Not only should you communicate with your fiancé on what you want to get out of these photos, but you should also be on the same page as your photographer as well. When choosing your photographer, make sure that you feel comfortable and trust the person that you hire. Make sure that the look you are going for vibes with their aesthetic and they are aware of what is important to you. Having a great rapport with your personal paparazzi could be the difference between images you like and images you love! If there are specific shots that you are looking for, speak up! We’re sure they’ll be up for your thoughts and ideas.

Jenny and Drew Love and (Paint) WarJenny and Drew Love and (Paint) War

Saperstone Studios

Have fun! If you two are enjoying yourself, your photos will be fun and fluid. We know you aren’t looking for stiff or stuffy in your engagement photos, so just be yourselves! These are oftentimes an announcement to the world that you are getting married! Remember why you’re there, pretend you’re on a date, and no amount of googly eyes is too much!

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