Oh the color! I am so in love with the vibrant yellows and pinks that radiated from Sabrina and Leonid’s Woodend Sanctuary Holud! The moment this celebration popped into our inboxes we were infatuated with the beautiful sarees and the sheer joy radiating off of the couple as they enjoyed their friends and family! For those unfamiliar, the Gaye Holud is part of an elaborate series of celebrations starting a traditional Bangladeshi ceremony. It originates from the Hindu wedding religious ceremony where Lord Shiva and his bride Sati were applied with Haldi to cool the couple and make them look even more beautiful. At the Holud, friends and family touch the couple with turmeric paste to approve the union of the happy couple. Dancing, food, and festivities all surround the day, and in this case we loved the use of the outdoor space at Woodend Sanctuary for yard games and cocktails on the lawn. Thank you to Lovesome Photo for sharing Sabrina and Leonid’s vibrant Holud ceremony with us!

Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-3 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-6 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-4 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-7 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-8

From the Bride: “Gaye Holud” is a traditional Bangladeshi ceremony of getting the bride and groom prepared for the wedding day. It is a tradition for family and friends to touch the the couple with the turmeric paste as a way of approving the union. The word “Holud” means yellow so we wanted the color theme of the event to be yellow and white. The majestic tall trees of the Woodend Sanctuary provided the best backdrop for the event and the bridesmaids were a vision in their bright yellow sarees!Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-10 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-12 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-14 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-16 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-17 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-21 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-24 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-26 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-28 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-30 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-31 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-34 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-36 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-29 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-37 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-38 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-39 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-40 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-41 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-47 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-49 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-55 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-54 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-56

Leonid and I are both foodies and great food was the main thing we chose to splurge on. Our caterer agreed to create a menu with all our favorite south Asian food and the result was delicious! My mom made traditional rice pudding and my aunts made traditional rice flour dessert cakes which were served at dinner. It was amazing to have everyone’s love and support for the party!
Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-57 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-58

Favorite Moment from the Bride: My mom walked me into the ceremony tent and once we reached the stage, she got very emotional and we found each other in a long tight hug, neither of us wanting to let go. It was a very touching and beautiful moment; one that I will remember for the rest of my life.


Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-60Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-20 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-62 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-64 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-65 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-66 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-68 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-70 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-71 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-72 Lovesome_Sabrina_Leonid-74

Advice from the Couple: No matter how much you prep and plan, some things will go wrong at the wedding. It is important to recognize that sometimes things are out of our control and nobody will notice or remember anything in the end.


Congratulations to Sabrina and Leonid! Thank you for sharing your vibrant Woodend Sanctuary Holud Ceremony with us!

The following Washington DC area wedding professionals contributed to their wedding:
Photography: Lovesome Photo
Dj Entertainment: Basskick Productions
Floral Designer: Bella Fiori Flowers
Hair and Makeup Artist: Alison Harper & Co.
Bride’s Attire: Preeti S. Kapoor
Floral jewelry:​ Imperial Decoration
Catering: MK Catering
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Woodend Sanctuary
Honeymoon Location:​ Belize

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Photo Credits: Lovesome Photo



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