One question on almost every bride’s mind is what type/style/color shoes should she wear on her wedding day?! The answer to this one is actually quite personal, and varies from lady to lady. My answer time and time again would (and will!) always be “whatever makes you comfortable.” Some women love to wear heels and some despise them. Some women feel super confident in cowboy boots, while others prefer converse. The choice is completely up to you. If you need a little more guidance, keep reading! We here at United with Love have compiled a list of some of the most important things to take into consideration when picking the perfect wedding shoe! And if that isn’t enough, check out some more wedding tips and advice to help out throughout your planning process.

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Comfort Level – If you aren’t the type of girl who would ever consider purchasing a fancy heel for work or a night out, then a stiletto might not be the perfect shoe for you on the big day, although we know it is generally the most popular. Of course we know that high heels can make us look and feel great, but you have to consider the long day ahead. If your feet aren’t used to a demanding shoe, you might be regretting your choice while standing at the alter! Do what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful!

Style/Personality – Considering a pop of color on your feet or a “non-traditional” footwear choice? We say go for it, girl; let your personality shine! Don’t let anyone tell you what kind of wedding shoe you “should” wear. The day is yours and frankly, we think you can do whatever you want! Wear a cute flat or opt for a flip flop if that will keep your feet happy! Want some killer photos that involve a sparkly high heel but aren’t sure if you can dance the night away in them? Change it up! Wear one eye catching pair of shoes for the ceremony and change into something more low key for the reception so you can get your dance on. There are no tried and true rules when it comes to footwear choices!


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Color – Now we know that white and ivory are the traditional colors for bridal gowns, but as trends come and go we are seeing more and more color being incorporated into weddings each and every day. We LOVE the idea of including color into your shoes on the big day. Blue is always a big winner, as this can be part of your “something blue” and also tends to liven up the party! Any bold colors, such as deep reds, greens, pinks, and purples and floral patterns are some of our favorites because they can really show who who you are as a person. For a more understated bride, a light pink/blush or patterned white/ivory can be a great alternative to a plain bridal pump. Don’t be afraid to really show off in your shoes and have a little fun!


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Wedding Venue – This may seem a little silly upon first glance, but trust us, the venue is an important thing to take into consideration. Is your ceremony being held inside or outside? Will you be walking down an aisle runner, on grass, on carpet, on a cobbled surface? The possibilities may seem endless… The ground you will be walking on can be a great determining factor when choosing the perfect shoe. You don’t want to spend your entire reception sinking down into the grass in your stilettos, do you? And the last thing you want to worry about is slipping and sliding around on a smooth surface as you walk down the aisle! Save yourself the stress and really consider what would work best for you in the beautiful space that you have chosen to house your lavish bash! With the plethora of choices a girl has nowadays, we know you will find something totally fabulous that will vibe perfectly with your venue to create a worry free experience.

Now that you have a few ideas and items to take into consideration, go forth and choose the perfect shoe! We know whatever you decide on will be fabulous! And, as an added tip, don’t forget to break those babies in! Wear them around the house a little before the day comes so you know that you can comfortably get from place to place on one of the biggest days of your life! We can’t wait to see which beauties you choose!

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