There’s no denying that there are a lot of different décor items that you need to think about when planning the perfect wedding reception. One thing that can often be overlooked is furniture! Now we don’t mean dining tables and chivari chairs or a simple sweetheart table and reception chairs; we’re talking about couches, coffee tables, settees and more! There are so many fun and wonderful options to make your guests feel at home in your DC area wedding venue.

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(Lisa Boggs Photography & AFR Event Furnishing)

When you start considering the pieces that you want to incorporate into your beautifully decorated space, think about the overall look and feel that you and your honey are going for on the big day. Looking for a sleek and sexy club vibe, or a cozy vintage feeling? Maybe you want a dimly lit romantic speak-easy ambiance, or maybe a modern atmosphere is your thing. Whatever your heart desires, we have got you covered!

Some of our favorite weddings are vintage inspired with chic décor and these make the perfect backdrop for some beautiful furniture items. Paisley & Jade has a really lovely selection of unique pieces. You don’t have to settle for a standard couch and coffee table (although we think those are amazing as well!) but can choose from a plethora of different designs. A couple of velvet upholstered chairs can make for some great touches around an outdoor space or even as some fancy seating at your sweetheart table for some stunning photos of you as fresh newlyweds. We also love the idea of an old fashioned trunk instead of a standard coffee table in front of a comfy couch, or a vintage end table nestled between two chairs.

Vintage Wedding Decor

(Lelia Marie Photography)

Your furniture rentals don’t always have to be big pieces of furniture. Adding small and intimate touches to your side tables or tucked around your chairs or couch, such as candlesticks or large lanterns can really make a space cozy. We are obsessed with Something Vintage’s décor and props. Vintage styled hanging chandeliers, cozy blankets and throw pillows, and florals that tie into your bouquet can instantly add a really romantic feeling for you and your guests, and who doesn’t love that at a wedding?


(Wani Olatunde Photography)

Want a more modern vibe or perhaps something fun and flirty? There are tons of options in this department as well! Amaryllis Floral and Events really runs the gamete on distinctive options for any look and feel. Adding a perfectly styled bar can transform the way your guests enjoy their drinks! And could anything be cooler than a super high backed, upholstered loveseat and round ottomans in modern colors paired with a couple high cocktail tables in a copper or gold? In addition to floral design they have a vast warehouse full of rental items to add design elements to any event. What about curved lounge seating?  All totally swoon worthy!


(Courtesy of AFR Event Furnishing)

Whatever your personal style is, let it shine through with different and exciting furniture options that your guests will rave over! Once you have decided on the look and feel that you are going for, it’s all about the placement. Clustering your furniture around the dance floor can be a great place for people to take a little break while boogying, while utilizing a love seat at your sweetheart table can be a romantic treat for the two of you. There truly are endless options when it comes to the whats and wheres of wedding furniture. Remember to have fun and use it as a way for your personalities to shine!

Can’t get enough wedding decor tips and tricks? We can certainly help! Check out our wedding inspiration galleries and other Washington DC area real weddings to get your creative juices flowing!

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