We find something utterly sexy and sweet about a delectable dessert, so in honor of the upcoming holiday, we rounded up a few of our favorite loves- dessert! We are so fortunate to have so many amazing and talented Dessert Bakeries in the DC area, so pulling together a few romantic inspired cakes and desserts was tough! From sparkles, texture, gold foil, and appliqués, the options for decorating delectable desserts are endless. The best part about each of these confections is that the insides are just as delicious as the outsides are beautiful. Trust us, we take great pride in taste testing all the bakeries, frequently!! Enjoy and have a wonderful cupids holiday, indulgent in sweets and the guiltiest of pleasures!


catherine-George-Cakes-wedding-cake-valentines-day-dessert-1 catherine-George-Cakes-wedding-cake-valentines-day-dessert-1

Cakes: Catherine George Cakes  Credit: Photos by Sarah Beth

Cake: Catherine George Cakes

Cake: Catherine George Cakes

Desserts: Buttercream Bakeshop Credit: Abby Jiu Photographybuttercream-bakeshop-valentines-day-dessert-wedding-cake-abby-jiu-photography-oreo-gem buttercream-bakeshop-valentines-day-dessert-wedding-cake-abby-jiu-photography-macaroon-macarons

Desserts: Buttercream Bakeshop Credit: Abby Jiu Photography


Marshmallow Hearts: Buttercream Bakeshop Credit: Abby Jiu Photography

Desserts: Buttercream Bakeshop Credit: Abby Jiu Photographyfluffy-thoughts-cakes-wedding-cake-valentines-day-wedding fluffy-thoughts-cakes-wedding-cake-valentines-day-wedding

Cakes: Fluffy Thoughts Credit: (L) Anna Marie Akins Photography

Lovebird Cookies: Fluffy Thoughts
View More: http://shannonmoffit.pass.us/villa-romance

Cake: Fluffy Thoughts Credit: Shannon Moffit

Cake: Fluffy Thoughts 

Hand painted love hearts birds Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 8.48.00 PM

Cakes: Fluffy Thoughts 


Cakelets: Maggie Austin Cakes 

maggie-austin-cakes-sugar-flower-wedding-cake-valentines-day maggie-austin-cakes-ruffle-cake-valentines-day

Sugar Flower Cakes: Maggie Austin Cakes 

Mini Cakes: Maggie Austin Cakes 

To see more amazingly talented wedding vendors visit our Washington DC Vendor Guide, or for more dessert inspiration check out our DC wedding inspiration galleries!


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