Okay ladies, we know that on your wedding day you want to feel beautiful, charming, lovely, classy, polished, and fabulous but today we’re going to talk about feeling sexy! With all of the pre-wedding preparation we know you are doing in the gym, why not show off a little for your groom? Boudoir sessions make an awesome wedding day gift for your man and can even be a great confidence booster for you! It’s natural to feel a little nervous when prepping for such a shoot, but don’t worry, we have some tips and tricks up our sleeves and lots of great advice from one of our favorite photographers, Lisa Marie of Sweet Tea Photography! Don’t miss out on a beautiful boudoir session shot by Lisa Marie appearing in our wedding inspiration and ideas section tomorrow morning!


Pick a date! If you are feeling a few butterflies about actually going through with a boudoir session, officially picking a date, booking a photographer, and putting down a deposit will give you the boost you may need to actually go through with it! It can also help push you along in those bridal workouts or encourage you to spend some extra time at the gym to get your bod into tip top shape for your big day.

Choose an aesthetic that fits you. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your photographer. You will obviously want to be comfortable with the person you choose, as you may be stripping down to your skivvies in front of them, so have no fear when speaking up about your likes, dislikes, and desires for the finished product. Lisa Marie suggests coming to your photographer with examples of things you love, things you hate, and why. “This will help you establish the look that you’re trying to achieve in the photo shoot. I often find much of my inspiration shots from GQ and fine-art photographers.” You can check our some of her favorites on her boudoir Pinterest page.

Location, location, location! Really think about where you want to do your boudoir shoot. This includes where you will be comfortable and which space has the look and feel that you are going for. Lisa Marie suggests your own home or apartment (if your man isn’t there, of course!) or that of a family member or friend with a nice vacant space. Another great idea is to rent a hotel room so you have a nice clean backdrop for your photos. We love the elegant suites at the Mandarin Oriental with their plush velvets, stunning color palettes, and refined style.


Time to go shopping for some new lingerie! It’s all about the element of surprise in these photos, so don’t just pick any old lingerie out of your drawer; go for something he’s never seen before! And come on ladies, who doesn’t love another excuse to shop?! If you’re excited to wear something new that you know you look fabulous in, your confidence will dazzle in your photos. Feeling sexy is a surefire way to look sexy, and your groom is sure to think so too! Lisa Marie is constantly updating her favorite boudoir looks and has compiled a list of some great places to search for the perfect little number (or two, or three…)!

  1. ASOS
  2. Nasty Gal
  3. BHLDN/Anthropologie
  4. Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, & Neiman Marcus
  5. Mod Clothe – vintage options!
  6. For Love and Lemons
  7. Agent Provocateur
  8. Victoria’s Secret
  9. Etsy
  10. Plum Pretty Sugar


Get all dolled up!  Lisa Marie recommends finding a hair and make-up artist for your session so you can feel ultra sexy and confident for the shoot. “Have them do makeup that you wouldn’t normally do… maybe something a little more dramatic! Have fun with it!” Alison Harper & Co and Amie Decker Beauty have some amazing teams who will come to you! This could also be a great time to try out hair and make-up for the big day. Although you probably won’t want the exact same look, you can get a feel for the services whomever you have chosen can provide and the work they do so you are comfortable choosing them for your big day!

Keep him in mind. This advice is actually two-fold. During the shoot, thinking of your partner can certainly get you in the mood to look and feel your best! After all, he should make you feel like a goddess each and every day and that’s what this photo shoot is all about – letting your inner goddess shine! The other side of this advice is to think about what he loves most about your body so you can play it up, but don’t forget to consider yourself and your comfort levels. “Make sure to ask yourself questions like what body part does your partner love about you? What is your favorite body part on yourself? Make sure to share that with the photographer so they can make sure to emphasize these in the photos!”

Pop some bubbly! If you are still feeling some nerves about your boudoir shoot, bring some champagne to set a fun and playful mood while also calming you down a bit. Lisa Marie says even a couple sips can really help you loosen up!


Still not totally sold on doing a boudoir session? Lisa Marie has shared a few more reasons why you might want to take the plunge.

  1. “It makes an amazing wedding gift to your partner on your special day! I have to say that I haven’t had any complaints from any of my client’s partners saying they didn’t LOVE this thoughtful gift!”
  2. “You might as well document your hot bridal bod, right?! Those body pump and cycling classes paid off!”
  3. “Confidence. This photo shoot definitely gives you confidence!” We have to agree on this one. Once you see the final product, we are sure you will love and appreciate yourself even more than before.
  4. “When you’re barefoot and pregnant, you can always look back on those spicy photos you took before your wedding day and feel good about yourself. It’s also great motivation to get back to that shape after baby!”

Thank you, Lisa Marie, for sharing all of this great advice and beautiful boudoir shots with us!

Now that you’re ready to rock that bod and feel your best for the big day, you may want to look through our DC area wedding idea galleries for more locally helpful tips and tricks and to find wedding advice from local DC area pros. If that isn’t enough, check out our collection of local DMV weddings from the real world to inspire you!

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