There’s no way to sugar coat it, organizing your wedding guest list is a beast of a project. There’s just no way around it though, unless you are going to elope in the DC area with just you and your partner (which might not seem like a bad idea after all that goes into planning a wedding!) Eloping aside, let’s assume that you are going to have a wedding with guests. You’ll need an organized place to keep track of your wedding guest information that you can easily share with your wedding vendors.


Photo Credit: Lisa Boggs Photography from this DC wedding

Your wedding guest list is a compilation of the names, addresses and other important information about your wedding guests that you’ll need time and time again throughout your wedding planning process. From thank you notes, to addresses and sending initiations to RSVP’s to reception seating and place cards, organizing your wedding guest list can be quite a project. And, I’m not even talking about who should go on your wedding guest list either. Deciding who to invite to your wedding is a whole other project! (Be sure to check out this post that we wrote on how to create your wedding guest list and then this post on how to cut your wedding guest list.)

To save you some time and energy, I’ve created a free wedding guest list management spreadsheet that you can use for your wedding. This document is completely free and yours for the taking! You can download it, save it to your files and then modify it as needed for your own wedding. I consulted with wedding planners, invitation designers and calligraphers when creating this document, so it contains information that they will also need to serve your wedding.

To use the wedding guest list manager, you’ll need follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign into your Google account.
  2. Click on this link to open the spreadsheet in your Google Drive.
  3. Save the spreadsheet into your own account by clicking on File > Make A Copy…
  4. Begin inputing information and editing as needed.
  5. The spreadsheet includes one master list labeled “Master List.” This is where you’ll keep all of your wedding guest related information. Work from this master list to create smaller sheets that you can share with your wedding vendors. I inputed a few rows of wedding information to give you a sense of how the document should be filled out. You’ll need to delete these rows as you get started, unless, of course, you want to invite my family and me to your wedding!
  6. At the bottom of the spreadsheet are several different sheets or tabs. You’ll need the “Invitations” sheet to share with your invitation and/or your calligrapher. You’ll need the “Seating Chart” sheet to organize your table arrangements for the reception. To populate these sheets, simply highlight and then cut and paste the entire column from the “Master List” sheet.

You might not need all of the information in this free wedding guest list manager spreadsheet, depending on the size and formality of your wedding, but you may use it as a starting point. With this spreadsheet, you’ll get a sense of the necessary information that you’ll want to gather and then keep track of throughout your wedding planning process. Once you download the spreadsheet, you’ll be able to modify it as necessary to suite your needs and your specific wedding.

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