You know how we love our glitter over here – anything sparkly and wedding related and we are on it! Make it a DIY project from a real couple in the Washington DC area and I just about can’t stand it, I’m so excited! Today, we have all details on a DIY wedding project from a couple that we recently featured. Shannon and Chris’ were married in Virginia in a colorful and very personal wedding, and you can see it all right here and here. When I saw the glittered mini champagne bottles that Shannon and Chris gave out for their pop-art inspired wedding in Virginia, I immediately e-mailed Shannon and said, “I must know more about these amazing wedding favors!”


Photo Credit: DuHon Photography

Shannon DIY decorated the bottles herself and she is here today sharing all of her know-how about glittering the bottles along with some great wedding DIY project tips. She and her mother worked hard to glitter each and every one of the champagne bottles. They set the mini bottles at each wedding guest’s place setting to add to the table decor and then gave the bottles to wedding guests as favors. We love double-duty projects – it was a wedding favor and table decor all rolled into one! In addition to the mini-champagne bottles, you could use Shannon’s advice and directions for glittering just about anything – glasses, vases, containers, candle holders and so much more! In addition to the bottles, Shannon even glittered a few champagne flutes! Take it away, Shannon…


These glitter champagne bottles were a great wedding favor for our guests, and also added little pops of color to our wedding tables. To us, a little sparkle and some bubbles was the perfect ending note that we wanted our guests to take away from our big day. Who doesn’t get excited about your own sparkle champagne bottle?!

So, I had the idea, but the next step was to actually do it.  I recruited my DIY savvy mother to help since we had to make 140 of the bottles. If you can, always find a DIY buddy to help. It makes it fun and takes a little of the pressure off of you. Also, because of the acrylic spray, I couldn’t spray the bottles in my apartment, so we needed my parent’s backyard. Another tip, before you start a DIY project, make sure that you think about where you are going to do it. I can’t tell you how many times I started a project in my living room when I should have considered the kitchen. I still have glitter in some parts of the carpet!



  • 187ML Korbel Mini Champagne Bottles
  • Mod Podge Gloss-Lustre sealer glue
  • Mod Podge Gloss Lustre Clear Acrylic Sealer
  • 2 different colors of Martha Stewart Very Fine Glitter (loose glitter)
  • Small paint sponges
  • Small soft paint brush

** Beware: You do need to let bottles dry over night, so this is not a one day DIY project!

1st Step

Take your Mod Podge glue and your sponge brush, and working in sections, paint the Mod Podge onto just the bottle. Because we made the top a different color sparkle, this was done separately. Also, we wanted to keep the label, so the tiny sponge brush was a great tool to work with to get around the label corners.

2nd Step

Take your glitter and sprinkle onto the bottle the glitter. Do not roll it on! We found rolling clotted the sparkles together and it wasn’t as even. 

3rd Step

Once the bottle is all sparkled, use soft paint brush and wipe off the remaining glitter found on the label.

4th Step

Let the bottle dry. We let it dry over night just to make sure. Plus, it is always good to take a break from a DIY project.


5th step

Spray on the Gloss Lustre Clear Acrylic Sealer, about one coat. Let that dry overnight. (This seals the glitter onto the bottle so that it doesn’t rub off.)

6th Step

Now, it is time for the top of the bottle, which we did in a different color glitter.  Repeat steps 1-5.

That’s it!

We added little message tags to each champagne bottle to personalize our thank you to our guests for being there in our wedding day. I thought that these champagne bottles would be opened and enjoyed on the wedding night, but most of my wedding guests still have them displayed in their house!


Thank you so much Shannon for sharing these sparkly, glittery wedding favors with us! I’m ready to get going and glitter something projects myself. You can see all of Shannon and Chris’ pop-art inspired wedding ceremony and wedding reception in Virginia. (And, if you think the bottles are cool, be sure to see Chris’ pop art self portrait!)

For more wedding DIY ideas or printables, and lots of real DC weddings with DIY touches, be sure to check out or DIY weddings and projects. You can also browse our gallery of wedding ideas and look for the best DC wedding vendors to help you pull it all together!

Photo Credits: DuHon Photography

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