It is no secret that this summer we’ve been all about elopements in the Washington DC area. From featuring a few real elopements, to giving tips and advice about how to elope, we’ve been all about the small, intimate wedding moments! We are keeping on that elopement trend with today’s post about places to elope in Washington DC and northern Virginia. Because elopement weddings are smaller, they lend themselves to a whole set of wedding locations and options that you might not have thought about or that aren’t traditionally featured. Wether you are thinking about a winery or a monument, there are few things to keep in mind when planning an elopement ceremony. Kelly, a photographer at Kelly Ewell Photography and also owner of Virginia wedding location, 48 Fields, is with us today giving elopement tips and scouting locations for eloping in northern Virginia and DC. She is sharing a list of her favorite places to elope or have a small wedding ceremony. Take it away, Kelly…


Photo Credit: Kelly Ewell Photography

Places to Elope in Northern Virginia

After recently reading Claire Duran’s guest post on how to elope in the Washington DC area, you may be convinced that an elopement is right for you and your fiancé. Of course, the predictable thing to do would be to head on down to your local courthouse in DC, MD or VA to sign the marriage license and say your vows. Quick and without hassle, but it’s also a little impersonal and sterile in the courthouse setting.

If you’re looking for something a little more romantic and more personalized, bring along your own wedding officiant and consider some of these places to elope in northern Virginia:

Bed and Breakfast

  • Goodstone Inn: Located in Middleburg, Virginia this resort has scenic views, historic guesthouses, gourmet dining, and a collection of many awards. Since bed and breakfasts are primarily in the business of hosting overnight guests though, you may be required to book a night or two of your own at whichever place you choose. Consider it an opportunity to celebrate your new marriage with a weekend getaway!


  • 48 Fields: This farm estate is located on 48 acres in the heart of Loudoun County’s wine country in Virginia. Although not a vineyard itself, its rustic barns, wooded areas, and open fields serve as an idyllic and peaceful location for hosting your elopement. The property is privately-owned, allowing for more flexibility and less requirements than other types of wedding venues. (See past weddings at 48 Fields featured on United With Love.)

Historic Site

  • Carlyle House: With beautiful gardens in the back, this historic house in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia has the charm of the city within walking distance for photos afterwards, or even a celebratory dinner. Historic venues do tend to also book larger-scale weddings, so you might need to consider their availability on short notice if you’re planning a weekend date for your elopement. (See past weddings at Carlyle House featured on United With Love.)


Photo Credit: Kelly Ewell Photography


  • DC War Memorial: Set along the National Mall, the DC War Memorial is a smaller memorial perfect for an elopement wedding ceremony. It is removed from many of the tourists who flock to more recognized monuments. Be aware though that any site along the National Mall (and many others) fall under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service, which will likely require a permit in order to allow your wedding ceremony. (See past weddings at the DC War Memorial featured on United With Love.)


  • Athenaeum: If you’re a lover of museums, you have quite the variety to choose from in the DC area! A place like the Athenaeum in Alexandria Virginia is no stranger to hosting weddings, and offers an intimate brick courtyard full of privacy. Their art displays inside are always changing too. While you might not know what you’ll see in terms of decor during your wedding, it can also appeal to a variety of tastes.


  • Winery at Bull Run: As one of only two wineries in Fairfax County, this winery is closer into Washington DC than most others. The barrel room under their main tasting area feels cozy with its dark wooden beams, or consider the stone mansion ruins outside, which almost serve as a stage for your ceremony vows. There are so many wineries in the northern Virginia area though, and they each have their own look at feel. A few things that may be common at any winery are the crowds of people on the weekends, potentially limited weekday hours, and that they may require you to purchase their wine as part of hosting your elopement. (See past weddings at the Winery at Bull Run featured on United With Love.)

Your Home

  • What’s more personal than getting married in your own home? It’s familiar, comes at no cost, and is always available! (See more advice and weddings at home.)

With a little imagination, the possibilities of where to elope can be endless and still give you the opportunity to personalize start of your new marriage.


Thank you so much, Kelly, for sharing these great elopement location options in DC and northern Virginia! And, we especially love the tips and advice that go along with them too! Do check out Kelly Ewell Photography and her wedding venue 48 Fields for your wedding in the Washington DC area.

We have loads more DMV wedding elopement inspiration and real ceremonies for you!  In the meantime, be sure to check out all of the other DC area wedding advice that we have put together for you or look through our list of the best Washington DC area wedding vendors!

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