Everyone who has ever been married says the same thing after their wedding is over, “The day just flew by!” We have featured couple after married couple who got married in the Washington DC area and they all talk about how quickly the wedding day goes and the importance of carving out time for you and yours to take it all in on your wedding day. We couldn’t agree more! Live in the moment of your wedding day and ensure that you are cherishing each and every ounce of this special time.


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Today, I want to talk about a few things that you can do to help preserve your wedding. There are a steps that you can do now and throughout your wedding planning process to hold onto your wedding day memories, so that when the big day flies by, you’ll be all set. Give a little thought to how you are going to preserve your wedding and it will take a little bit of pressure off of the wedding day itself, so that you can truly enjoy!

Jewelry Peace Of Mind
First things first: jewelry. You started this whole wedding planning process with a ring, so it’s best to keep them protected. Your engagement ring and wedding band are much more than just a piece of sparkle. They represent the ever-lasting bond between you and your partner. As such, you should be able to wear it every day, no matter where you travel or what you do. Consider a specialty jewelry insurance policy, like the one offered by Jewelers Mutual. Their policies allow you to wear your jewelry without worry, knowing it’s covered against theft, damage or loss, like mysterious disappearance, which may not be covered by standard homeowners policies or warranties. Your wedding jewelry represents the memories worth protecting and with Jewelers Mutual you will be made whole again should anything happen. (You can find more about jewelry insurance here.)


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Backup The Photos
Your wedding photos are one of the few things that you’ll have when the music ends and the flowers dry out. I’m sure you are spending quite a bit of time researching wedding photographers and trying to find one that is the right fit for you. When you are interviewing your wedding photographer, make sure to ask them backup systems. What happens if their camera breaks on the day of your wedding? What if a memory card crashes? How long do they save your wedding images and what kind of long term backup system do they have in place? What happens 10 years after your wedding if you have an issue with your album and you want another wedding album, will they be able to locate your images? Talk to your photographer about their methods of preservation and if they don’t have these types of systems, that could be a red flag.

Get The Video
This is a personal recommendation from me to you. I love a good wedding video. My own wedding video is one of our most cherished wedding day memories. If you can find it in your budget, seriously consider a wedding video of some sort. There are so many incredible and unique types of wedding videos out on the market today. Everything from wedding movies to video shorts and trailers, in addition to the traditional video of the entire wedding day. Nothing brings back the wedding day moments like a video. Wedding videographers even capture those special moments that you didn’t even know happened on your wedding day!

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Photo Credit: Kristen Gardner Photography from this DC wedding

Let It Be Known
There might be a few items from your wedding day that you’ll want to preserve, such as your wedding dress or your bridal bouquet or even the top tier of your wedding cake. If that’s the case, prepare in advance of your wedding day so that these items can be saved and properly stored. By the time your wedding day comes, it might be too late. For example, with your bouquet, you’ll need to let your florist know so they can be prepared, maybe even suggest certain flowers that preserve better than others. For the wedding cake, I’ve heard horror stories of it getting thrown out at the end of the night because the catering staff didn’t know the couple wanted to save it. You might want to have an extra invitation printed or set aside a favor so that you may have one. Bottom line is this: If you’d like to save it, prepare in advance and make sure everyone knows!

Schedule The Time
When the wedding day approaches and many of the details fall into place you’ll need to set up a timeline and get that information to your wedding vendors so that everyone is on the same page. As you are working on your wedding day timeline, make sure that you carve out a little time for just you and your partner. (If you can’t find time, ask your vendors, they might be able to suggest an option or two for you.) Will it be as a “first look” before your wedding ceremony, a carriage ride just the two of you on the way to the ceremony? Will it be portrait time with your photographer at the end of the night? Will it be just five minutes before you walk into your reception? No matter where it is during the day or how long it lasts, a little bit of alone time on the wedding day is important.


So, those are my tips for preserving your wedding day memories. What did I miss? What will you do to hold onto those amazing memories that you worked so hard to build and plan?

This post was sponsored by Jewelers Mutual.

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