Today, we’re talking about how to end your wedding weekend with a bang! Or, eggs. The day after your wedding in the Washington DC area, you may consider continuing the celebration the next morning with a lovely day-after wedding brunch. Not only is this a nice gesture to thank your out-of-town guests, but it’s a sweet way to thank your wedding party, too. Plus, I think it takes a bit of the pressure off of your wedding day if you and your guests know that you will see each other the next day for a proper good bye! That being said, I bet you have a lot of questions right about now! Do you have to host a post-wedding brunch? And if you do, who pays for this? Where is it? And so much more! Don’t fret, my lovely readers! That’s where we, your fairy blog mothers, come in! We asked some of the top wedding planners in the Washington DC area for their professional insight on how they advise their clients to plan a day-after wedding brunch and here is what they had to say…


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Why Host a Day-After Brunch

“The ‘newlywed brunch’ is a great opportunity for out-of-town guests to have more quality time with the couple. We often advise our clients to plan simple, intimate-feeling brunches that are easy for guests to pop in, grab a bite, say their goodbyes and then head off to sightsee or travel.” — Elizabeth at Elizabeth Duncan Events

“This is such a nice opportunity for family and friends to gather and discuss how much fun they have had over the weekend, as well as a very relaxed environment for the couple to chat with guests before everyone leaves town.” — Sara at Bella Notte

“Who doesn’t love brunch?! Post-wedding brunches are a great way to end the wedding weekend celebrations. It’s a great laid-back event that gives everyone a chance to say goodbye and reminisce about what a great time they had the night before. If people have traveled for your wedding, brunches are also a really nice way to send everyone off properly and thank then for attending your nuptials.” – Laura at LIG Events

“An after-the-wedding brunch is a great opportunity to spend some additional quality time with your family and friends from out of town. Generally, the brunch is held the morning-after the wedding at a venue close to (if not at) the guests’ hotel. To avoid hurting feelings, we suggest couples only invite either just their families, or all guests who are in from out of town before their flight. While couples can choose to pay for this event themselves, more often than not, the family that’s paying for the wedding includes this in the wedding weekend cost. To alleviate the dent this can add to your wedding budget, look for a brunch venue that will provide you with a special menu. And remember – this doesn’t have to be breakfast, we’ve seen couples host a backyard BBQ for family and friends in town to thank them for coming.”– Candy, of Candy + Co. Events

When and Where to Brunch

“We recommend a two hour window for your day after the wedding brunch, usually 10am to 12noon. This allows guests to get some much needed sleep, but still get on with their day and travel. Mostly, out of town guests are invited and this should be included in the wedding invitation packet or via an online invite like Paperless Post.  You should assume five percent of guests that RSVP to the post wedding brunch will not make it to the brunch.” — Aimee and Cindy at A. Dominick Events

“The day after your wedding brunch can be hosted at your parent’s house or at the hotel in which you stayed on your wedding night.” — Shawn at TreBella Events

“To make things easy, locate one of your local restaurants and they already have Sunday brunch — this makes it easy and you don’t have to create a special menu. This way your friends can just meet up and go. All you have to do is make a reservation or request a private room for your guests. A few local Washington DC area restaurants that come to mind are Sequoia of Georgetown, The Hamilton, and The Chart House.” — Tara at Perfect Planning Events

“If the hotel [where you had your wedding or where your guests are staying] is possible then this is the most convenient venue. Negotiating a discounted price for your guests for brunch could be possible and is worth asking about, or having a roped off private section is also very nice so guests can stick together.” — Laura of Events in the City

“If brunch is at the couple’s house, put someone else in charge of setting it up, and hire someone to come clean up afterwards – you’ll be exhausted!” — Rebecca at Blue Canary Events

How to Spread the Word

There are so many ways to communicate with your guests about your day after the wedding brunch, such as posting it on your wedding website and these other ideas…

“You can send it as an insert along with your wedding invitation, as a separate invitation altogether, or if it’s very casual, you can send an e-invitation.” — Vicky at Event Accomplished

“Spread the word about your day after the wedding brunch to just the guests that are staying in the hotel and perhaps immediate family and your wedding party via the welcome bag.” — Laura of Events in the City

“You can include a separate card in your invitation with all of the brunch details and also include an option for them to RSVP for it on your RSVP card.  If you decide to have a brunch after your invitation has been mailed, you can opt to do a separate mailing or, if you’re really in a time crunch, send out a chic custom evite (via Paperless Post or a similar service).”  – Laura at LIG Events

Who Gets an Invitation

“The day after the wedding brunch is usually for families of the couple and out-of-town wedding guests, but honestly it can be anyone!” — Vicky at Event Accomplished

“It is important that someone from the core wedding party be there for the duration of the brunch to welcome guests. This could be the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, the couple or a rotation.” — Ginger at Gingerwood Creative

“Invite everyone. Unless you are only hosting the brunch for immediate family, there isn’t a tactful way to exclude people and chances are they will find out about the brunch anyway.” – Laura at LIG Events

Who Pays for a Day-After Brunch

” can be anyone in the families that feels that they can contribute. I do see more than likely the parents of the groom helping out here, or having your guests pay for themselves and giving them a discounted code or voucher to provide to the hostess in the hotel restaurant.” — Laura of Events in the City

“For a very casual gathering, you may let the guests pay for their own meals. If you go this route, then be clear in the invitation that the brunch is not a hosted event. Use language like, ‘We’re having brunch at Joe’s Restaurant on Sunday morning at 11. Join us if you can!’ rather than, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Bridesparents invite you to join them for brunch at Joe’s Restaurant.’ Including a copy of the menu, with prices, is another subtle way to communicate that guests will be paying for their own meals. — Stephanie at Pretty Entertaining

Other Day-After Brunch Planning Tips

“If you intend to plan events on the day prior to or after your wedding day, please give your wedding guests plenty of heads up. You want to ensure they know about these events before they book their hotel rooms and/or plane tickets.” — Kay at Howerton + Wooten Events

“Keeping it simple and not overcomplicated is a great way to send the guests off. Try a bagel bar with all the fixings and coffee with juice. It doesn’t have to be eggs benny for wedding guests to feel like you thought of them up until the very end. — Laura of Events in the City


Big hugs and thank you to the amazing DC area wedding planners who helped us out on this post with lots of advice. Be sure to check out their websites if you are looking for some help with your day-after wedding brunch or a wedding planner in the Washington DC area.

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