It is finally spring here in the Washington DC area and we are celebrating with flowers! Oh yes, we have another fun DIY wedding project coming your way, lovelies! Once again, our friends at Petal’s Edge, wedding florists based in Alexandria, Virginia hosted a fun and informative workshop on creating a fresh flower crown. (Don’t miss this tutorial on how to make a terrarium!) I love the idea of making these crowns for your flower girl, bridesmaids or even yourself. The floral crowns are easier to make than you think – pinky promise! Deb Lindsey Photography was behind the lens to capture all of the fun! We attended a workshop with Petal’s Edge, but you can use our tutorial below to create this darling flower crown yourself…

DIY Bridal Floral Crown Deb Lindsey Photography (5)


  • Thin gauge wire (24-28 gauge works best!)
  • ½” wide corsage tape
  • Fresh flowers

A quick note for choosing flowers for your crown:

Choose flowers for their heartiness and avoid more delicate flowers that do poorly out of water.  Remember, a crown will more than likely be spending a lot of time on a person, which means the flowers will not only have to contend with no water supply, but also with body heat.  Some good flower choices may be things like spray roses, or full roses without bulky heads, ranunculus, delphinium, orchids, or foliage, like seeded eucalyptus or lemon leaf. Ask your local florist or wholesaler if you’re still stumped.

DIY Wedding Floral Crown DIY Bridal Floral Crown

To Make:

To begin wiring, take a single bloom and a piece of wire in hand. Insert and center the wire (we used 12” pieces of wire!) into the calyx, or the thickest, sturdiest part of the flower head where the bloom meets the stem. Fold the wire in half. (Here you will begin to see that you are creating an artificial stem for the flower head.) Next, take your wired flower in-hand and, holding the end of your tape roll against the calyx, begin to wrap your wire “stem” from the calyx to the ends of the wire. Activate the stickiness of the tape by holding and twisting at the calyx while simultaneously pulling and stretching the tape.  Repeat this step for all of your flower heads.  Lastly, create a loop (two loops if you’re doing a ribbon finish!) by wrapping a few pieces of wire together with tape, folding it over, and taping the ends of the wire together.

DIY Bridal Floral Crown Deb Lindsey Photography (2)

Once you have your flower heads with their artificial “stems,” as well as your wire loop, you’re ready to begin assembling your crown. Beginning with your loop, take your first wired flower and attach it to the loop by positioning it just below the loop and twisting the ends together. It should look as though your flower head has a halo. Grab a few more stems and twist them to the loop just below the first flower.  Repeat this step, creating a one-sided garland of flowers until you have reached the desired length of your crown, paying attention the pattern and composition of your flowers.

DIY Wedding Floral Crown Petal's Edge

To finish, once you’ve reached a length equal to the circumference of the wearer’s head, simply take the newly finished end and insert it into the loop that you used to begin the crown and secure the end by twisting it down on to the looped end. If you are doing a band, you may want to focus more on creating a vignette of flowers as opposed to a pattern. To finish your band, simply twist your end into a loop and tape to secure. Tie ribbon long enough to accommodate desired circumference through the loops on each end to create an adjustable ribbon closure to your crown or band.


Thank you so much to the team at Petal’s Edge for helping us to make this floral crown and sharing their expertise! You can also see this tutorial on how to create your own terrarium – perfect for a wedding centerpiece! Be on the lookout for upcoming classes and/or check Petal’s Edge out for flowers and floral design for your wedding. Also, special thank you to our friend, Deb Lindsey Photography, for the gorgeous photos.

In the meantime,  be sure you check out our growing collection of DIY wedding projects and free wedding printables – we have some really great ones! You can check out all of our Washington DC area DIY weddings right here! Be sure to look through our DC area wedding idea galleries and find wedding advice from local DC area pros.

Photo Credits: Deb Lindsey Photography

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