We have the cutest DIY project for you and your wedding today! But, this time no glue or baking is involved, so even if you don’t fancy yourself as crafty, you can still do this one. We are sharing a DIY wedding centerpiece made of succulents that I had a great time creating with Petal’s Edge, wedding florists based in Alexandria. Michelle Lindsay Photography was with to capture all the fun! If you’re searching for a unique centerpiece, think about a succulent terrarium! These simple and modern arrangements are a perfect (and gorgeous!) way to bring the outdoors inside your wedding reception space. You can attend a workshop with Petal’s Edge or use our tutorial below to create this DIY wedding project. (P.S. – They are hosting another terrarium design class on April 6 in Alexandria.)

Succulent Terrarium Michelle Lindsay Photography


  • Low, broad container
  • Succulents
  • Cactus potting mix soil
  • Small pebbles
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Horticultural charcoal
  • Decorative elements of your choice

DIY Succulent Terrarium Wedding Centerpiece

To Make Soil:

To prevent mold and bacteria, it’s important that you equip your terrarium with its own built-in filtration process.  This is achieved by mixing activated charcoal into your soil. Charcoal is an excellent means of keeping your terrarium clean and fungus-free. To mix your self-filtering soil, add your cacti or peat potting mix to a large mixing bowl. You’ll need enough for a 1” to 2” layer of soil for a small terrarium or 3”-4” for a larger container. Next, mix in your charcoal. A good ratio is one tablespoon of charcoal for one cup of soil. Next, add water and mix. Add enough to moisten the soil mixture thoroughly, but not so much that your mixture becomes fluid and muddy. It should stick to your hands, but still clump up on its own. Adding water now pre-waters your terrarium and ensures even watering throughout.

DIY Succulent Centerpieces (3)

DIY Succulent Centerpieces (2) DIY Succulent Centerpieces (4)

To Make Terrarium:

Line your clean contained with a ½”-1” base layer of pebbles. Next, add your sphagnum moss. Add about a ½” layer and ensure it reaches the walls of your container, as this layer will prevent soil erosion down into your drainage layer. Over the sphagnum, sprinkle a thin, but thorough layer of additional charcoal for extra filtration. Now it’s time to add your soil mix. Using a spoon or a scooper, carefully spoon the mixture loosely into your container, being careful not to smear too much onto the walls of your vessel to ensure a clean presentation.

Washington DC Area Weddings with Succulents DIY Succulent Centerpieces (6)

DIY Succulent Centerpieces (5)

Create small impressions into the soil where you want your plants to go. A good tip is to start with the largest plant from your selection and arrange the additional, smaller plants around the focal plant. Allow for at least one square inch of soil space per plant. Position your plants gently, but firmly into the soil, lightly packing them in with additional soil over the tops of the roots. Follow up with adding a layer of moss or pebbles, if desired. This serves the dual purpose of preventing your soil from drying out prematurely and also making your terrarium look good! A layer of sand in your succulent terrariums looks incredible. Finally, add any adornments or décor you have chosen as your finishing touch!

DIY Succulent Centerpieces (7) DIY Succulent Centerpieces (1)

Photo Credits: Michelle Lindsay Photography


Thank you so much to the ladies at Petal’s Edge for helping us to make this terrarium and sharing their expertise! They are having another workshop on April 6th in Alexandria, Virginia so you can join them and make these terrariums on your own.

In the meantime,  be sure you check out our growing collection of DIY wedding projects and free wedding printables – we have some really great ones! You can check out all of our Washington DC area DIY weddings right here! Be sure to look through our DC area wedding idea galleries and find wedding advice from local DC area pros.

Photo Credits: Michelle Lindsay Photography

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