Let’s talk wedding day hair, shall we? When it comes to hiring the pros (in any part of your wedding planning really!), it’s always good to go into a meeting with the right questions! To make sure you look your best on your wedding day, we turned to some of the top DC-area wedding hair stylists to ask for their pro advice on what to ask before hiring a stylist, and we’ve got it all covered! Here is what some of the coordinators at these local venues had to say…(And be sure to tag us in your wedding planning photos on Instagram using the hashtag #loveunitedwithlove!)


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What you should know before hiring a hair stylist…

Find out what stylists are open on your wedding date. Once the company responds with open stylists, ask to see the stylist(s)’ work in particular if they have not sent this already. Many companies put work of multiple stylists on their website so it is nice to see individual work. Ask to see a full quote written out clearly if one has not been offered to you. Staying organized is not only helpful but keep you at ease knowing there are no surprises down the road. – Julie, owner of Jewel Hair Design

Your stylist should have liability insurance, this is important because it shows that you are working with a repeatable stylist or company and that they have experience working weddings. Not to mention it is for your benefit and safety, so make sure to ask! –Alison, owner of Alison Harper and Co.

Be sure to ask for a copy of your contract to verify pricing and terms. – Barbara, owner of Bridal Artistry

You will want to make sure that your hair stylist has experience working with hair and is licensed to do so! The reason that this is an important question is because you will want to work with a hairstylist who has experience in the hair industry. They will know how to create an updo that just look beautiful but they can create an updo that will hold up nicely over the course of your wedding. –Alison, owner of Alison Harper and Co.

Ask about the policies the companies has regarding changing the headcount (adding or taking away party members before the wedding) – Julie, owner of Jewel Hair Design

You will want to make sure that the amount you send your artists is being placed towards your balance. Though it is rare, some artists charge a fee for just “reserving the date.” This is incredibly rare, but you will want to know before you schedule a trial and find this out after you’re already committed! –Alison, owner of Alison Harper and Co.

What to know about your trial session…

Ask what the hair trial includes and when/ where trials are generally held. Before the trial ask the stylist how they would prefer you prep your hair (one day old hair, just blow dried, naturally curly, etc.) If you are considering offering a trial to other party members, be sure to ask your stylist first as some companies only offer trials to brides. – Julie, owner of Jewel Hair Design

Make sure to ask based on your hair type if that particular style will hold for 10 hours. – Carolyn, owner of Modern Bridal Studio

Find out when and where the trial session is. This may be an important question if you have a busy schedule. Each artist and team has varying policies regarding their trial services. Some only provide services for a trial in their studio during specific times. You just want to be careful not to plan on working with someone who wouldn’t be able to accommodate your trial needs. –Alison, owner of Alison Harper and Co.

What to know about your stylist and your hair…

Ask what are some accessory options for this hairstyle. – Carolyn, owner of Modern Bridal Studio

Websites should give you a feel for the versatility, quality and professionalism of the stylists or artists. For example, if you have a wedding party with mixed ethnicities, it will be important to know if the hairstylist works with all textures/types of hair. – Barbara, owner of Bridal Artistry

A professional stylist will use professional high end product lines such as Sebastian, Redken, Paul Mitchell, Privana, Aveda, etc. Always be weary of a stylist using drugstore products. This can be the sign of an inexperienced stylist or someone who has little to no hair styling experience. –Alison, owner of Alison Harper and Co.

What to know for your wedding day…

​An experienced stylist will have a solid backup plan in case of an emergency. Emergencies happen, the only thing your artists can do it have a safe backup plan just in case. Some individual stylists partner with another stylist to be their backup or in a larger company like my own we build it into our structure. If they are a professional, they will understand when you ask. It’s always smarter to be safe than sorry! –Alison, owner of Alison Harper and Co.

Ask to see a timeline written out. These professionals work at weddings every weekend and have their personal timing down to a science. Before you waste your time making a schedule that actually won’t work for the stylist/team ask them first.  – Julie, owner of Jewel Hair Design

Ask how long they will need to work with your entire bridal party. This is an important question if you have more than 4-5 ladies hoping for hair/makeup services. If you are working with an individual hair stylist or makeup artist they may need 45 minutes to 1 hour per person, with additional time to set up and break down. If you have a larger party of 7 or 8 girls your hair stylist might need 8 or 9 hours. –Alison, owner of Alison Harper and Co.

If we have more than X among of ladies being styled on the wedding day, will you have another stylist helping you?  Is that an additional charge to us? – Barbara, owner of Bridal Artistry


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