Modern brides and grooms are bombarded with the endless wedding ideas and inspiration that you can easily get lost in on the Internet. From Pinterest to Instagram, the web is a serious black hole of wedding planning. We feel ya! Planning a wedding in the Washington DC area is exciting and challenging, and as always, your fairy blog mothers are here to help you out navigate the world of wedding planning—online! So how does one plan a wedding online without the headache? We turned to some our friends and fellow wedding bloggers for their advice on how to plan a wedding online. Here’s what they had to say…

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Stay Focused

The internet is a black hole of endless Pinterest boards and BuzzFeed articles, which means it’s way too easy to start reading 15+ wedding websites and wasting a lot of time that you probably don’t have. I’d recommend picking 3-5 websites to add to your RSS or daily browse list and cap yourself there. Pick 1 or 2 for guilty inspiration (Rock N Roll Bride, Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Pinterest), Pick 1 or 2 for real localized help & resources, and Pick 1 or 2 that you just enjoy reading! —Bree, editor of Capitol Romance

Newly engaged? The process can be insanely overwhelming. Tons on Pinterest, hundreds of vendors on WeddingWire, and constant eye candy on Instagram. Take a step back and focus your online efforts to local blogs and vendors. They will be able to guide you in the right direction. It is important to reach out to a max of 2 vendors in each area of expertise. Remember working the pros and getting advice from the best will lead to an overall stress-free process. I highly recommend working with vendors that work well together, it leads to a beautiful and positive experience. If you are finding your vendors online and reaching out to them via email, be up-front and give them all the information you can regarding your wedding, they will be able to provide you with more information and a better pricing structure! —Jeanette, editor of District Weddings

Keep It Local

Search for smaller, local wedding blogs. Almost every state has a regional wedding blog that showcases weddings just in that area, which is the perfect look book for a destination bride or groom. Since these blogs feature only local weddings, you see more of a variety of what that area has to offer. — Anna, editor of Marry Me Tampa Bay

I love the fact that local blogs give you a chance to really see what weddings look like at local venues. Choosing a venue is one of the most difficult parts of planning a wedding and national blogs only feature a handful of DMV weddings. Venues themselves tend to display dated photos but with local blogs typically feature real weddings that have been held at those locations in the past year. — Krista, editor at Bayside Bride

The internet is full of wedding blogs and websites and a lot of them are awesome for inspiration but when it comes to finding real resources and vendors that will actually help you (and possibly be a part of your wedding day!) you will most likely have better luck finding a more localized wedding blog that focuses on the specifics of planning a wedding in the city/town you will actually be planning yours in. Local blogs will have more specific advice tied to your city/town and will most likely have more vendors, too — Bree, editor of Capitol Romance

Stay Organized

Google Docs will be your sanity savior! From budget spreadsheets to playlists to lists shared between multiple people, it helps keep you organized. — Christine, editor of The Broke Ass Bride

Dropbox, Dropbox, Dropbox! My husband and I were able to easily share photos, documents (especially our venue contracts!), and spreadsheets with each other and our parents. And with the app, you can access everything while on the go, perfect for vendor meetings. — Mindy, editor of Budget Fairy Tale

Search the Web

Look at your vendors’ social media presences. You can tell a lot about a person you’ve never met by what they post or share, especially on their personal and professional accounts. While this shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor, it should influence your decision especially if it’s a vendor you’ll spend most of the big day with (like your wedding coordinator or photographer). This is even more important if you’re not able to meet with him/her in person before the wedding. Personality and professionalism are two very important traits on a wedding day, so do your research and be confident in your dream wedding team! — Chelsea, editor of Tidewater and Tulle

Top tip = patience. When planning online you need to be patient in getting replies from vendors. If you plan to buy your dress on-line, go out and try on different styles to see what style and shape suites you first. AND never buy replicas from China! — Kylie, editor of Bula Bride

Go a step beyond looking at a vendor’s website. Ask for links to their published work, as the best vendors are often published on a variety of blogs and magazines. Also, sometimes smaller business such as florists and cake decorators websites’ may not always reflect the business’ level of work, so blogs are a great way see their true talent. Viewing the full wedding feature can also give you an idea of the type and style of weddings that vendor excels in. — Anna, editor of Marry Me Tampa Bay


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