Good morning DC area wedding lovers! Are you ready to spend another Sunday morning with one of our great sponsors? Meet Birds of a Feather Photography – a mother and daughter team (how awesome is that?!) based out of Southern Maryland. Maggie and Betty frequently travel, exclusively photographing weddings and engagements. Their approach to their work is a way that best suits engaged couples looking for natural, beautiful wedding images. Combining photojournalism and fine art photography, their goal is to provide couples with a collection of photographs that tell the story of their wedding day. Birds of a Feather takes on a limited number of weddings per year so they can provide a unique experience for each couple they work with. For more on Birds of a Feather Photography, be sure to visit their website or check out all of their past features on United With Love.


Photo Credit: Birds of a Feather Photography

We hope that you’ll check out Birds of a Feather Photography for your wedding photography needs in the Washington DC area. Join us again next weekend for Sunday brunch with another fantastic supporter of United With Love! We’ll see you back here bright and early Monday morning! If you are interested in joining us for brunch on United With Love, please send us an email.

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