There’s nothing I love more in mid-winter than a beautiful springtime wedding engagement session to make me feel warm! Erin and Chris’s story is certainly heartwarming, too! They were in the Peace Corps in Zambia but missed meeting there. Instead, they met just shortly after Erin moved back to the DC-area. Funny how that happens! The two have a tradition of wandering the National Mall in the early evenings with a bottle of wine to walk and reconnect and this tradition is precisely why Chris proposed near the Tidal Basin! They wanted to replicate this date for their wedding engagement session with Lissa Ryan Photography, so the rest is history. Just look at the last photo of Erin and Chris walking off into the sunset—so perfect!


tidal-basin-wedding-engagement-session-lissa-ryan-photography-4 tidal-basin-wedding-engagement-session-lissa-ryan-photography-5



tidal-basin-wedding-engagement-session-lissa-ryan-photography-6 tidal-basin-wedding-engagement-session-lissa-ryan-photography-10


tidal-basin-wedding-engagement-session-lissa-ryan-photography-8 tidal-basin-wedding-engagement-session-lissa-ryan-photography-9


tidal-basin-wedding-engagement-session-lissa-ryan-photography-14 tidal-basin-wedding-engagement-session-lissa-ryan-photography-15


Congrats Erin and Chris!

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Photo Credits: Lissa Ryan Photography

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