Warning: Grab a box of tissues because this Washington DC marriage proposal caught on camera is the sweetest thing you’ll see all day! Jimmy surprised Carmela with a puzzle piece scavenger hunt in Georgetown that started at Dean & DeLuca and ended at the Old Stone House. Elizabeth Fogarty Photography was on hand to capture Jimmy get down on one knee and all the sweet moments following!

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From Carmela: That Sunday was a busy one. We started our day off normally by going to mass at Georgetown and then walked over to meet some friends for brunch, but little did I know that after our brunch plan Jimmy was running around DC to set up the proposal. When I returned home, I texted Jimmy that I was back and asked where he was. He responded with “Check out the mirror when you get a chance.” Confused, I walked over to our full-size mirror and on top was a puzzle piece with a little envelope that said, “Let’s change it up today.” I opened up the envelope and inside was a note explaining that there were 3 more puzzle pieces I needed to find in DC and those will lead me to him. Clue 1: Our first date (And in case I didn’t remember, he included a Dean & Deluca business card behind the clue) 

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 Georgetown Marriage Proposal Liz Forgarty Photography (7)

I arrived at Dean & Deluca and text him asking if he was there. All he replied was “nope.” So I was left to try to wander the store for clues or something that stood out. I was almost at the back of the store when I got to the sushi counter and found behind the glass a package of two puzzle pieces and a clue wrapped in a red bow. I immediately grabbed it and read the clue. The clue said “Do you remember our first date? “I loved that date. We shared so many memories since then and I want to tell you them. “Next location: 1) Google the coordinates; 2) Meet me there at 7pm”

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The coordinates led me to the Old Stone House in Georgetown. This was the location where I first admitted that I liked him and he admitted that he felt the same way. When I texted him that I was one block away from the Old Stone House, I already saw a crowd outside. I thought it was odd, but as I got closer, I noticed that it was only him and a photographer inside the back garden. At this point, I definitely realized that this was not a scavenger hunt towards a fancy dinner: something a little bigger was happening.

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Georgetown Marriage Proposal Liz Forgarty Photography (2) Georgetown Marriage Proposal Liz Forgarty Photography (5)

He held up the last puzzle piece and began telling me that it was 7 years since we first met at Georgetown and many other happy memories.  He led me down a rose petal covered path up to the bench where we spent an evening chatting and he continued his speech. Then got down on one knee and pulled out a box from his pocket. He asked me to marry him… and I said “YES!”

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Congratulations Carmela and Jimmy!

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Photo Credits: Elizabeth Fogarty Photography

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