It is January, so that’s the time of year that everyone is predicting trends for the year and, weddings are no exception. I really think that wedding trends are unlike other trends in, say, fashion or food. Wedding trends take quite a bit longer to settle in, so predicting trends for the year can be tough, especially when you and yours are probably planning your wedding a year or more in advance. Most couples, especially in the Washington DC area, are really trying to have a wedding that will stand the test of time. But, I digress, that’s another post for another day!

If you are planning a wedding this year or next and looking to see what is “hot” or will be new and different this year, read on. These are my predictions for wedding trends for the year in the Washington DC area. Even though we love a good classic and timeless wedding in the DC area, we still do have weddings that follow trends!


Photo Credit: Jennifer McMenamin Photography
from Brittany and Joe’s wedding in Baltimore

#1 Personal Hashtags

With the rise in social media, more and more couples are comfortable with putting their wedding photos online through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is a fun way to celebrate online with your friends and family! In 2015, couples will create a personal hashtags for their wedding. Personal wedding hashtags are a way to let family and friends follow along from start to finish! You can use it for your planning stages and on your wedding weekend. This way you can quickly go back and see not only your photos, but all of your friends’ photos too. (Hashtags are like the 90’s version of putting disposable cameras on the wedding tables!) If you get enough good photos, you could create a little mini printed book of your hashtaged wedding photos!

{Side note, you can follow along on United With Love’s wedding hashtag at #loveunitedwithlove – we want to see your wedding planning too!}



Photo Credit:  DuHon Photography
from Shawn and Mark’s wedding in DC

#2 Year of the Man

2105 is definitely going to be the year of the well dressed groom and groomsmen! Men have always been great about wearing cool or interesting socks at weddings (I know you’ve seen the photos of the guys pulling up their pants to reveal a fun pair of socks!), but this year the grooms are going to step it up all the way up! From the shoes to the impeccably tailored suit to a stylish pocket square, grooms are no longer taking a back seat to wedding day fashion with a rented, ill-fitting tux. There are so many more options for the men and for just a bit more than the cost of a rented tux, they can get a great looking suit. Look out ladies, because this year the men are taking their own fashion to a whole new level!



Photo Credit: Kirsten Marie Photography; Food: Spilled Milk Catering
from Ashley + Frankie’s wedding in DC

#3 Foodie Couples

Maybe it is the rise of TV shows about food, celebrity chefs or the all-out restaurant revolution that is going on the Washington DC area? 2015 is going to be the year of the “foodie” wedding! Couples are prioritizing food and drink at their wedding like never before. They are investing their wedding budget dollars into a great meal that is not only delicious, but reflective of their personalities. They are using their wedding food as another opportunity to customize their wedding and they won’t settle for boring banquet food. And, the wedding caterers in the Washington DC area are stepping up to the challenge with interesting food options and really getting into the outside-of-the-box choices for couples. Suffice to say, this year will be a great year to be a wedding guest! Yum, yum and yum!


white-pink-decor-elegant-romantic-wedding-virginia-trump-national-K-Thompson-Photography table-number-elegant-romantic-wedding-virginia-trump-national-K-Thompson-Photography

Photo Credit: k. thompson photography
from Jessie + Will’s wedding in Virginia


#4 Less Rustic, More Romantic

Every wedding planner likes to complain about the over use of the Mason jar and the rustic, barn weddings. But, I’m sorry to say, those wedding decor elements are here to stay! If people want classic and timeless, there is nothing more Americana than a Mason jar and a barn! That said, for 2015, I think that weddings will be romantic, feminine and a celebration of love. Think soft pinks, pale blues, shades of white, subtle metallics, flowing lace, and beautiful blooms. Over-all wedding decor and styling is moving in a more romantic and feminine direction this year. Everything from the invitations to the attire to the table decor will collectively be more feminine and romantic.


Photo Credit: Rebekah J. Murray Photography
from Leslie + Adam’s wedding in Maryland


#5 Dresses With Interesting Backs

Even though the men will have their fashion year, in 2015, the ladies will not miss an opportunity to shine either! There will be no shrinking violet brides this year. The wedding fashion runways are full of bridal dresses that are just as interesting in the back as they are in the front. From lace to bows to beads and interesting cut outs, there are so many beautiful ways to make a grand exit in your wedding dress. Wedding dresses with beautiful backs make for great photos from all angles!


So, that’s my list of wedding trends for 2015. What did I miss? What do you think will be HOT this year in weddings? More over, what trends will you use at your wedding and what trends will you avoid? Let us know!

xoxo, juli

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