Did you know that we are more than just pretty pictures here?! Oh yes, United With Love is loaded with of wedding planning advice from the professionals in the Washington DC area. We’ve featured advice and tips on everything from how to pick a wedding venue to questions to ask your catering vendor to local bachelorette party ideas. Basically, we give you the inside scoop on everything you need to know to you plan your local wedding in Dc, MD or VA – the kind of info that you won’t find anywhere else! For this next round up of the best of Washington DC weddings, I picked a few of my favorite tips and advice that we’ve featured throughout the year. (And, don’t worry, we will have plenty of advice coming your way in 2015!)


What To Do If You Hate Planning Your Wedding

Do you hate planning your wedding or are perhaps in a wedding planning funk? You are not alone. We featured “What to Do if You Hate Planning Your Wedding” this year. So many couples get engaged and soon find out wedding planning isn’t always a party. Founder and editor Juli offered some of her best advice on what to do to get through planning your wedding with ease.


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What To Do Between Your Ceremony and Reception?

If you’re anything like me, you crave organization and structure at a wedding. If you’re getting married and aren’t sure what to do between your ceremony and reception, and don’t want to leave guests hanging with nothing to do, we got you covered. Our advice “What to Do Between Your Ceremony and Reception in DC?” had plenty to offer as far as ideas for what to do in this beautiful city we live in. Bride-to-be Christy wrote in to United With Love and asked what to do about an awkward time gap between her ceremony and reception. Bring on the experts!


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Champagne Taste On A Beer Budget Wedding Advice

This is piece of advice came out of our annual reader survey! So many of you told use that you had hopes and dreams for your wedding, but couldn’t afford the price tag. We went to some of the wedding pros in the Washington DC area and asked their advice for “How to Have A Wedding With Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget.” What would they tell a client who has a champagne taste, but only a beer budget for their wedding in DC, MD or VA? And, did they deliver with lots of tips and advice for how to spend wisely and make the most out of your wedding dollars?


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What To Do If Your Wedding Vendors Are Late…Or Don’t Show Up!

After local wedding planner Tiffany at Simply Breathe Events wrote to Juli with a horror story about how a wedding cake baker didn’t show up at one of her recent weddings, we were inspired to feature “What to Do If Your Wedding Vendors Are Late or Don’t Show Up?” What do you do if one of your vendors is late? What happens when the wrong inventory is delivered? All of your most important questions are covered!


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How To Plan A Destination Wedding in the Washington DC Area

Being the nation’s capital, we are the ultimate tourist location! DC is home to many destination weddings. If you’re from out of town and trying to plan your wedding in this great city, we featured an article on “How to Have a Destination Wedding in the DC Area?” Rebecca from Blue Canary Events gave us the scoop on how to plan your destination wedding in the DMV. What were the best spots to feature for your wedding? What are great ways to plan a destination wedding on a budget? Rebecca tells us everything!


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How To Create A Perfect Wedding Website

Living in Washington DC area means that you tend to have friends and family living not only all over the country, but all over the world. We here at United With Love we totally understand! This year, we featured advice on “How To Create a Wedding Website“. Wedding websites are great ways to reach all those friends and family, especially those that tend to misplace your pretty mailed invitations! We asked Margo from Bright Occasions for tips on how to create the perfect successful wedding website for all of your guests from out of town.


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Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Flowers

What’s a wedding without flowers?! This fall we featured a wedding flower week. It was chock full of advice on how to best use the florals in your special day. In fact, it was so successful that we came back in December and had a whole second week of advice! That’s right, two whole weeks dedicated to nothing but weddings, flowers and education! We talked to the best wedding florists in the DMV and got their opinion (and expert advice) on everything from when to have your first meeting to the pros and cons of DIY wedding flowers to why wedding flowers are so expensive. Yup, we pretty much covered it all in our wedding flower week parts one and two.


 Floral Design: Serendipity Bridal & Events


OK, so those are some of the most popular wedding advice posts that we’ve had on the blog this year. What are you favorite wedding advice topics that we covered this year? More importantly, what do you hope to see covered in 2015? Lay it on us in an email to hello@unitedwithlove.com! In fact, most of our best wedding advice posts come from you, our readers, so let us know your biggest wedding planning questions and we’ll do our best to answer them in the new year.

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