It is gift giving season, that’s for sure! However, when it comes to weddings and gifts, it can be tricky as a guest to get the couple that perfect gift; something that you know they will love and cherish forever. But, I get that as an engaged couple you might be a little nervous about a creating a wedding registry. You might not know what to register for, or maybe you’ve been with your partner for a long time and feel like you have everything you need. This all may be true, but regardless, your wedding guests will still want to get you a gift to help you celebrate. Enter the wedding registry. A registry allows you to get the gifts that you want and that you need. Your guests will appreciate a little direction in the gift department. And, you will appreciate not getting all sorts of random gifts that you can’t use!

Going all through the house, here are my ideas for things to register for at one of my favorite places, Crate & Barrel. I registered at Crate & Barrel for my wedding and they have everything you’d need from pillows to stand mixers to furniture. I still have loads of the items we registered for around the house, many of the items I use every day!

Here are some wedding registry ideas for the kitchen…


1. USA Pan Pro Line 6 pc Backware Set // 2. Calphalon Contemporary 17 pcs Block Set // 3. Breville Hemisphere Blender // 4. Kitchen Aid Artisan Aqua Stand Mixer // 5. Bash Beverage Tub

Here are some dining and entertaining wedding registry ideas…


1. Olson Dinnerware // 2. Greet Bar Glass // 3. Set of 6 Lumi Batik Cocktail Napkins // 4. Footed Cake Platter With Dome // 5. Camille Wine Glass // 6. Gatsby Pitcher

Here are some bedroom and bathroom wedding registry ideas…


1. Burgess Red Throw // 2. Fabian 20″ Pillow // 3. Patience Print // 4. Clio Vases // 5. Ribbed Sand Bath Towels // 6. Traverse Reversible Bath Rugs

I have to tell you, from a former bride to another, registering for wedding gifts can be hard. You think that it is going to be this super fun experience, but truthfully, it can be really overwhelming. Thankfully, Crate & Barrel hosts Wedding Parties where they close the store down, just for you, and help you register. We have a few Crate & Barrel locations in the Washington DC area, so be sure to check out one of their wedding parties and avoid the wedding registry drama of doing it all by yourself!

If you have questions about registering for gifts for your wedding, Crate & Barrel has a few wedding registry resources for you and you can start your wedding registry right here.

So, what about you? What will you register for?

This post is sponsored by Crate & Barrel.

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