The sweet tradition of celebrating your first wedding anniversary by eating the top wedding cake tier could turn sour, but there are a few tips that can help you do it successfully! One of the oldest wedding traditions, savoring the cake once again brings back memories of your big day and a blissful first year of marriage. Today we have Meghan from Kendall’s Cakes here to share some pro advice for what you need to know for your top tier preservation, plus a few other must-know wedding day tips! And be sure to check out her last advice post on the must-ask questions for your wedding baker! On that note, take it away, Meghan…

Photo Credit: Nessa K Photography from Rustic Wedding in Maryland

Today we have Meghan from Kendall’s Cakes here to share some pro advice for what you need to know about your wedding cake on the day of your wedding! Take it away, Meghan…

Tips for Preserving the Top Tier

One of the special things we do for our couples is instead of having them save their top tier, we give them a gift certificate to get a fresh one for their anniversary. They can wait the whole year or they can get it to enjoy while they’re looking over their photos, etc.

If a couple would like to eat their cake after it’s been frozen for a year, I would suggest taking it out of the box it’s given to you in. Once out of the box wrap with plastic at least 3 times to try and give it a nice barrier to the freezer. Then put it back in the box and wrap the box.

How to Slice Your Cake

Our natural tendency is to cut two slices into the bottom tier and then try to pull it out, and it just won’t budge. After the two first slices, cut down the back of the slice loosening it from the rest of the tier, making it easier to remove and enjoy.

Wedding Cake Leftovers for Guests

If you plan to have the cake as your take home favor the best thing to do is have the baker pre-box it. We can create an entire wedding cake with faux tiers, leaving a section for the couple to cut into. This way you get the look you’d like and everyone thinks the whole cake is real. Pre boxing makes the take home pieces more beautiful. When the cake has been sitting out all night and then it is sliced and boxed everything is soft and it makes a big mess.


Thank you for all of this great advice, Meghan! If you are on the hunt for a local wedding cake baker, be sure to check out Kendall’s Cakes.

From food and entertainment to planning and budget, we’ve got it all covered, so take a look around the blog and read more tips and advice from local wedding pros in the DC area!

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