We have come to the end of our two-time run of wedding floral week! I can’t believe it! We’ve been over everything from wedding floral costs to DIY wedding flowers. Today, we are talking about roses. I’ve heard from a reader or two that they aren’t really into roses and want some ideas for other flowers to use at their wedding besides roses. I asked some of the best wedding florists in the DC area for their opinions. What are their suggestions for flowers to use other than roses? Why are roses are used so frequently in weddings? What should you do if you hate roses? What does this mean for your flower choices?


Bouquet: Petal’s Edge Floral Design Photo Credit: Marta Locklear 

“Roses are used frequently because they are reliably available, a reasonable cost, and come in so many colors! But if you hate roses, though, there are many other flowers available.” – Gerry and Rebecca, owners of Petal’s Edge Floral Design

“Why is chicken served so frequently at weddings? People tend to stick with their comfort zone and roses are so familiar. Roses come in many different varieties, colors, and textures. From garden roses, to single stemmed roses, to spray roses – the selection is endless. They are also available year-round (depending on variety), so easily accessible. More and more, we find couples saying ‘we don’t want roses – they are so cliche and overdone.’ Then we present them with a rose they’ve never seen before and the tune changes. Couples are just not aware of what’s out there (besides the grocery store roses – woof), so they don’t know better. However, if you truly do not like roses, you need to first decide why. Is it their shape, texture, color, size. If it’s because it has too many petals, consider calla lilies and orchids instead. If you are having a barn wedding, roses might feel too city, so replace them with something equally as fluffy, like a peony, lisianthus, or a ranunculus.” Liza, owner of Studio DBI

“I love roses! Roses offer the most variety of color options, especially with today’s couple’s color palettes. The prices vary quite a bit per stem and it all mostly depends on color/time of year. If you hate roses, there are other options depending on the season and palette. For instance, the blush/champagne trend is pushing the growers over the top and creating a shortage currently. Most of these colors are showing up in roses and have been the top choice for 2014. The harvest of these has been so heavy as of late, many varieties are very hard to procure; thus, it has been driving the prices up. We are looking weekly for availability on these items to procure the best and quantity needed. Often, when you are using other blooms to get the color palette you want, those other blooms are more expensive per stem, so the price is going to be higher. Peonies (often a flower that is asked for over roses) are still in high demand this fall season.In some areas around the world the peony crop is just starting and we will be able to get them in soon. They will still be more expensive now then when they are available locally April-June. Are there less expensive options other than roses? Yes, pompons, alstroemeria, dianthus (carnations) and asters are options.”  – Christi, president of Bergerons Flowers

“Roses are a popular choice because of the tremendous options available in both color, texture and appearance. The garden rose has become very popular with its multiple layers of soft unfurled petals and is a popular substitute for peony during the off season. Omitting roses from your floral designs should not limit your floral choices! There are endless options of flowers that can be used to create a unique design.” – Lisa, owner of Petals and Promises

“Roses are a beautiful and hearty flower option for bouquets and arrangements.  If a bride doesn’t like them there are always other options to consider.  The options are limitless. – Janice, owner of Serendipity Bridal & Events

“Regular roses are so frequently used because there is such a wide variety of colors and sizes of roses and they can be one of the less expensive flowers.  Garden roses on the other hand are some of the most expensive flowers yet they have some of the most lovely fragrance of all flowers.  Roses can get a bad wrap because most people associate roses with the standard, horrible selections they see at grocery stores. They assume those are the ones designers would use in their wedding arrangements.  Trust that your floral designer will select a lush variety to compliment the style and color palette of your arrangements.  If you absolutely hate roses then you should be open to other novelty flowers which may also come as a higher price point.  Roses can help to bring volume and coverage to a design and not using them could mean using more of another smaller flower to take up that space.” – Alicia, owner of Alicia Jayne Florals

“Roses have become more of a filler flower and not necessarily a focal point because there are so many other interesting flowers out there, however they are useful as they come in over 300 colors and help bring in theme colors of your bouquet.  If you just cannot abide by roses, then hydrangea is your friend!…they fill in very nicely and the white and blue are very economical.” – Jennifer, owner of J. Morris Flowers

“Roses are amazing they bring a sense of romance and luxury to a wedding. Standard roses are the roses people typically say they do not like. Show a bride a garden rose/cabbage rose and she comes to life. Spray roses are another sweet bloom.” – Holly, owner of Holly Chapple Flowers


What about you? Do you love roses or hate them? Will you use them in your wedding? Let us know!

That’s it for wedding floral week here on United With Love! It’s been a great two weeks and I hope that you’ve learned a thing or two about weddings and flowers. A huge super special “thank you” to the talented DC area wedding florists who shared all of this incredible advice. Please check them all out on their websites and consider them for your wedding in the DC area.

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