Maybe you’ve heard of wedding branding, maybe you haven’t, either way we are talking the “branding” of your wedding today. I’m sure you’ve been on Pinterest and seen gorgeous weddings in magazines and wondered how did they do it? How did these engaged couples make it all come together on their wedding day? Often times, it starts with a certain level of branding of your wedding; that is defining your wedding day and using this definition to pull it all together giving you and your guests a true wedding day experience. Does wedding branding mean having the invitations match the escort cards which matches the favor tags, or is it more than that? Let’s let the experts do their thing. Today, we have Kali from June Mango, a Washington DC-based graphic designer who specializes in wedding branding. She is going to help us with the basics of wedding branding. Take it away, Kali….


Photo Courtesy of June Mango

What is wedding branding?

Wedding branding is the expression of the couple’s love through design. It’s one part experience – the mood and ambiance you want your guests to feel when they step into your soirée – and one part emotion – the strength of your love that made you, as a couple, say, ‘Heck yes I want to spend the rest of forever with you!’

Imagine a few brands that we all know – Apple, Lululemon, Coca-Cola. Can you imagine their colors, fonts, commercials and logos? That’s because there’s a feeling you get from each brand. Whether it makes you feel fitter just for wearing yoga pants to the farmer’s market, or like you’ll be more productive with a sleek touch-screen phone, these brands provide an overall experience.

How does this relate to your wedding? A branded wedding is the same thing – a mood and emotional experience for you and your guests. So what makes your brand unique? It is you, the loving couple and your overall wedding experience.

What do you want your guests to know about the two of you? What do you enjoy doing together or what quirks do you share when no one else is around? What makes you look at each other and say, “You’re it for me!”?

And what about your wedding do you want your guest to remember? Do you want them to imagine crisp autumn air and crunchy, colorful leaves? Or that your nuptials will be beach-based and shoe-free? This is the experience.

Combining the experience of the wedding and the character of the couple is what makes up wedding branding. Images, colors, patterns and textures mix together to create designs expressing your love. Often presented in the form of invitations, save the dates, menus and favors, it simply captures the sum and substance of you as a couple. Your guests will know when they walk into your wedding that what they’re feeling is everything that brought you two together in love.

So now you’re thinking, Sounds fun! What’s next? Here’s a little list that shows the wedding branding process that I typically use that you can adapt to your own wedding branding process:

I want to learn more about you.
Let’s jump on the phone or connect for coffee. I want to hear all about you and your fiancé. How did you two meet? What do you like to do together? Do you have a color palette picked out for the wedding? Are you having it in the spring? All of these little details add up to understanding exactly who you two are and what your style is. This makes all the difference in giving you the exact design you’re hoping for.

What’s right for you?
What are you hoping to have designed for you? A logo that includes your puppy? Invitations and RSVP with a map to match? A magnet with your save the date? The whole shebang? Great! Let me know and we can find a package that’s right for you and your budget.

Time to begin!
Once we have nailed down the right package, I will begin designing your day-of-details. Often starting with a logo, I will create designs to fit your style and personalities. You’ll receive a handful of beautiful options to choose between. From here, we narrow them down, revising and reviewing until everything is perfect.

Enjoy your one-of-a-kind designs.
Once all of the designs are complete, I will send over the final files. If stationary is involved, I can oversee the printing process if desired. I am happy to recommend paper and finishes to fit the design.

And, voila! You have yourself a branded wedding that is unique to you. At June Mango, it’s my mission to share your love story through custom logos, stationary, favors, websites and anything else you can dream up for your special day!


So, what about you, will you implement some level of branding at your wedding? Thank you so much, Kali, for the info about wedding branding! Be sure to check out Kali and her wedding branding at June Mango.

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