One of the hardest parts of having a wedding in Washington DC is that there is just too much choice! This is so true for finding a wedding venue. There are countless locations and unique spots to have your wedding. In addition to the number of options for wedding venues in DC is also the cost. Finding a wedding venue that fits your needs and your budget is not as easy as you might think. Sarah, owner of Pollyanna Events, has done research for a few clients and she is sharing it with us! She researched unconventional wedding venues in Washington DC that you might not have necessarily thought of as wedding venues. You know, those non-traditional type of spots! The best part of her list is that these are all wedding venues that fall between the $2,500-$9,000 price tag. So, now you can find a wedding venue and stay on budget! Take it away, Sarah…


Photo Credit: Rachel Naft from LongView Gallery
From Kristen and Jeptha’s wedding in DC

Washington DC can have a reputation of being quite expensive and mainstream when it comes to weddings, but does it really have to be? I pondered this after being asked by many of my clients if an “offbeat wedding venue” for a decent price existed. I decided to take on the challenge. I mean, after all, the venue is one of the most important parts in planning a wedding, so it has to be perfect!

There are endless options for your “typical” DC venues such as monuments, museums, historic buildings, or buildings with political significance that are beautiful venues for weddings, but many of these locations can be upwards of $12,000 (or more)! For some of you, that may be half your wedding budget. The venues you don’t often hear people talk about are unconventional, those off the beaten path that might not be typical for a wedding in DC. I’ve compiled a list of a few locations you may not have thought existed in DC. like lofty, industrial spaces filled with character that a couple who wants a unique setting, may be searching for.

Here is a list of pretty awesome wedding venues in DC that are affordable, unconventional and off the beaten path:

Loft at 600 F

Epic Yoga DC


LongView Gallery

Ulysses Room

Studio 52 (The Historic Manson)


Thank you so much, Sarah for your list of unconventional venues! Hopefully you’ll be back to check a few of these spaces out and find an affordable wedding venue along the way. Be sure to check Sarah out at Pollyanna Events.

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