I’m always walking a fine line between being personable on the blog, but not making it selfishly about me, and instead giving you lots of helpful advice for planning your wedding in the Washington DC area. After all, that’s what you need and I’ve already been through this process that you are going through right now. I was a DC area bride myself 10 years ago. Yes, that’s right, 10 years ago today my husband and I said our vows in front of our nearest and dearest in the lovely little town of St. Michael’s on the eastern shore of Maryland.

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I hope that you won’t mind indulging me a little bit today on my wedding anniversary with a few thoughts about weddings and, more importantly, marriage. I am due very, very, very soon with our third baby and maybe I’m just feeling sentimental? Or, nostalgic for the days when it was just my husband and me, and our biggest concern was picking sage green or light green for the cocktail hour napkins. (Actually, to be fair to him, he never cared about the little details for the wedding. Let me re-write that to my biggest concern!)

So, how did we make it through? Better yet, how did we make it 10 years? I just don’t know. I can’t believe I’m sitting here 10 years later and 2.95 babies later! There are no rules to marriage. Much like planning a wedding, I can give you tons of advice and tell you what has worked in the past, but sometimes it rains on your wedding day, and sometimes the bustle on your dress rips. What marriage is and how we make it work is so unique for every couple. The best thing I can say is to always be honest and never lose your groove for too long.

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I asked my kids for their marriage advice; what do they think makes a great marriage? My daughter said, “Be nice” and my son said “Eat cookies!” Ironically, there is truth to what they said. My husband and I have always tried to, above all, be nice to each other, which can be really hard for me sometimes. We rarely scream and fight, even though we do disagree, but we always try to be caring and kind. As for the cookies, let’s just say that my husband is a cookie fanatic. We had a huge dessert buffet at our wedding full of chocolate chip cookies. (That was a non-negotiable wedding budget priority!) My kids know that whenever I’m in trouble or I just want to make my husband happy, I bake cookies.

When he asked me to marry him, I remember being scared and all of those things that you think about when you are deciding your future. It was the unknown that freaked me out the most. I wanted a guarantee. I wanted to know to that it would all work out. What my dad told me was that there are no guarantees; you have to have to take a leap of faith. Faith in your relationship, faith in yourself and faith in your partner. I didn’t know how it would all play out in the future, but when we got married, I knew that above all he would be an amazing father, and that he was so kind and practical that we would always be able to work something out. For me, that was more than enough.


Here is to 10 more amazing years of marriage!

P.S. Can you even handle these wedding photos of ours?!

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