We are back with more wedding floral week education! I hope that you are having fun following along! Right now, we are talking with the best wedding florists in the Washington DC area and asking their help with the beginning stages of prepping for flowers at your wedding. So, we are talking that first bit of research (aka Pinterest stalking!) and what to expect out of the first few meetings with a floral designer. As for the meeting, it is always good to go in with a list of questions to ask or things to be thinking about. We asked our panel of expert DMV wedding florists for the questions that they like to hear from clients. What do they want brides and grooms to ask them in meetings?


Photo Credit: k. thompson photography; Floral Design: Elegance & Simplicity
From Ilana and Dan’s wedding in Maryland

“Before setting up a consultation, do research on your selected florists. Do their styles match yours? What do their client reviews say? What services do they offer (e.g. full event design or just flowers)? At the meeting itself, are you vibing and is the florist getting your vision? This is what’s really important when collaborating on a creative project. Also ask about delivery, installation, and breakdown, because each florist varies. Ask the florist what their standard procedure is and also let them know what it is that you’d be most comfortable with. For example, we’ve had clients pick up their flowers to save on delivery costs as well as couples that hire us to deliver, install, and then breakdown post event.” – Liza, owner of Studio DBI

“You should ask your wedding florist: Have they been to your venue? Are they available? Can they work within your price range? and Do you have any additional décor items?” – Katie, owner of Elegance & Simplicity

“Ask for their advice and suggestions! Hopefully your floral designer is experienced enough to know what works and what doesn’t. For example, you should ask: What flowers will hold up well in bouquets? What flowers can tolerate the intense heat outdoors in mid July in the DC area? Should you risk an elevated glass vase with flowers on top at an outdoor venue on the water with wind? Every designer has learned from past events what works best and will help to alleviate stress from your wedding day. You may have your heart set on a specific flower, but they know from experience that the flower you want may wilt in the heat or is too delicate for a bouquet. Trust that they are professionals and listen to their advice.”– Alicia, owner of Alicia Jayne Florals

“You should ask: How many years of experience do you have? Do you have a full team of designers and assistants? Do you have refrigeration for the flowers? How do you handle multiple events in one day? How do you source the flowers? Ask for referrals, if they are not already posted online.” – Holly, owner of Holly Chapple Flowers 


Photo Credit: Kate Triano; Floral Design: Holly Chapple Flowers

“There are two important questions that each bride should ask during their initial consultation: First, ‘How many weddings do you have a day?’ It is to be understood that even though it is your day, there are possibly other brides getting married on the same day, but you should feel confident in your designer to know that they are capable of not only handling each occasion, but are also able to make you feel exclusive in the process. Second, ‘Will the flowers that I want be available for my wedding date, and if not what can I use to substitute?’ Let’s say you’ve been pouring over pictures of peony bouquets and you just have to have them, if this is the case you must be sure to ask your designer early and directly if peonies are available at the time of your wedding. With a head start, your designer can help you plan for flowers that are available and just as lovely as you imagined for your day.”– Jennifer, owner of J. Morris Flowers

“The best questions to ask a florist are those that illuminate their knowledge and skill. For example, if you are on a tight budget, tell the florist. Likely she or he will be able to make suggestions for maximizing your flowers and blooms that fit your look that you may not have thought of. Similarly, they can also suggest flowers that will look best at the time of year of your wedding. There is no need for you to try to become an expert!” – Gerry and Rebecca, owners of Petal’s Edge Floral Design

“You should ask: Have I chosen the best floral to fit within my budget I’ve set? Will you be able to deliver and set-up at each venue? Would you work with items that I have and want to include in the wedding?” – Christi, president of Bergerons Flowers


I hope that you are all prepped and ready for your wedding flower meeting! Thank you so much for such great advice! I hope you’ll stick with us for the rest of wedding floral week here on United With Love. Please check out each of these talented DC area wedding florists on their websites. And, remember to come back all week long because we have so much more coming at you; I can’t wait!

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