Welcome back to wedding flower week! We are just getting started, but hopefully you are learning lots from our wedding floral design experts in the Washington DC area. I know that I am! As I said, we haven’t done much in the way of wedding flower advice, other than wedding flowers in the DC area by season, so I’m personally really excited to go through this wedding floral design process with you. We giving you everything you need to know about having the gorgeous blooms you crave for you wedding! Next up, we are discussing what you should bring to your wedding floral meeting. (Hint, it involves some time on Pinterest, which I doubt will be a problem!) And, not just what should you bring, but who should you bring? Maybe you’ve heard to not bring a lot of people, but why?? We talked to the best wedding florists in DC, MD and VA and got their advice….


Photo Credit: Procopio Photography: Floral Design: Bergerons Florist
From Michelle and David’s wedding in DC

“In terms of who you bring, that can be tricky. The one person who should be there is the person who will make the decisions regarding the décor. This can be one member of the couple, both together, maybe even someone else like a mother. One mistake we see people make is to bring more people than they really want the opinions of! A real estate show we saw said it best – people bring their friends and family to support them, but the friends and family see their role as protecting them. This can make for a little contentious of a situation as you may hear criticism you weren’t prepared for!” – Gerry and Rebecca, owners of Petal’s Edge Floral Design

“Share you Pinterest page and bring along a trusted friend or family member.” – Lisa, owner of Petals and Promises

“As a floral and event designer, my desire is to meet with the bride and the person responsible for payment. The ultimate goal is to listen to the couple’s vision of their wedding and together create an entire environment, including flowers and many other elements.” – Janice, owner of Serendipity Bridal & Events

“Bring color swatches, mood boards, Pinterest boards and inspirational images with you to the meeting, so the designer can get a feel for what you want on your wedding day. Having your partner join you is always helpful if they are interested in the floral design aspect of the wedding as well as your event planner. Last, but certainly not least, may be the person footing the bill If parents are involved in covering the cost of the flowers and they would like to know what they are paying for, then it is always a good idea to invite them to the consultation. They can decide to join you or not, but at least you’ve included them.” – Alicia, owner of Alicia Jayne Florals

“To the meeting, bring any inspiration you might have (Pinterest board, fabric swatches, images of other decor pieces, invitations, etc). As with any other vendor meetings, limit the number of people you bring with you. Flowers and decor are not for everyone, so bring someone who is excited about the creative process.” – Liza, owner of Studio DBI


Floral Design: Serendipity Bridal & Events

“You should bring any photos or Pinterest boards (We LOVE those!), special items that you want included (i.e. family heirlooms) are perfect for us to see and get a vision of who you are as the special couple! Bringing one or two people with you is fantastic. But, bringing a posse is overwhelming for the couple and is a sure way to get information overload and bring confusion to your decision-making process. Definitely bring those who want to be there though! Someone that isn’t interested in the decor can keep you from enjoying the time where you get to share your excitement with us. We want you to enjoy the consultation, because it’s fun and rewarding and we have set aside that time to help you.” – Christi, president of Bergerons Flowers

“You should bring anyone that is supportive of YOUR ideas! The person should give an honest opinion, but respect the fact that you are the bride and/or groom and you hold the the most important opinion.” – Shelly, owner of B Floral and Event Design

“Typically, the bride and/or groom comes to the consultation alone, but is sometimes accompanied by the partner or mother of the bride/groom that has a particular interest in the overall wedding look. It’s all about who the bride/groom is comfortable with and who they want to allow help make the very important decisions of the day. ” – Holly, owner of Holly Chapple Flowers

“Try not to bring too many people, it only makes the process that much more difficult when there are too many opinions. It  is best to just bring yourself and your fiancé’/parent/planner, if that. Too many cooks spoil the pot!” – Jennifer, owner of J. Morris Flowers

“Send the florist your Pinterest page before meeting and bring a layout of your wedding reception space if the florist has not been there before. Don’t bring an entourage of people with a lot of opinions to the meeting. This will not help you make decisions. We normally recommend that you come with the least amount of people – you, your fiance and anyone else who might be part of the funding of the wedding flowers (i.e. Mom or dad).” – Katie, owner of Elegance & Simplicity


So, who are you bringing to your wedding floral meeting!? Thank you so much for such great advice! I hope you’ll stick with us for wedding floral week here on United With Love. Please check out each of these talented DC area wedding florists on their websites. And, remember to come back all week long because we have so much more coming at you; I can’t wait!

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