If you’re searching for a super cute (and not to mention, inexpensive!) idea for bridesmaids gifts, then today’s DIY wedding project is for you. A few weeks ago we gathered some ideas for personalized wedding hangers and it got us thinking about how to do it yourself. These custom bridesmaid hangers will make for some fun bridal party attire portraits, and serve as a sweet keepsake for your girls. With this project you can transform your pretty lettering into faux calligraphy, with just a few strokes of a fine-tipped acrylic calligraphic pen, or try your hand with calligraphy with just the flick of a nib. (Or just turn to the pros! Here’s our list of wedding calligraphers in the Washington DC area!)

DIY Personalized Bridesmaids Hangers


To Make:

To begin personalizing your hanger, write the name (or letters, bridal party title, monogram, etc.) using a pencil—or just freehand it.­­­­­ Transform your cursive handwriting into calligraphy by making each down stroke thicker and filled in (pretend you’re writing with an angled calligraphy pen). Simple + easy— with the flick of a pen, you can “fake” calligraphy. (And if you’re up for trying calligraphy, may I recommended this calligraphy starter kit.)


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