The key to taking beautiful photos during your wedding in the Washington DC area starts with a flawless complexion, and a great place to start is with your wedding day makeup. If you were considering doing your own makeup—hold that thought! Today Lelia of Lelia Marie Photography. is here to share her professional advice on why some things are best left to the pros. She teamed up with Jacquelyn, a local makeup artist from Enlightened Styles, to show us the difference between doing your own makeup and having a professional take charge of your bridal beauty. On that note, take it away, Lelia…

Washington DC Wedding Makeup

As a photographer, I’m a huge advocate of having professional hair and makeup done for your wedding day. There are so many things a pro can do (including making it look great for photos—not just in person, applying it so it stays on all day, and staying on time!) that don’t happen when it is done by the bride. However, I frequently get brides who do their own makeup. So I teamed up with Jacquelyn of Enlightened Styles to see if there really was a difference, photographically, between DIY makeup and the pros.

We had two different girls come into my studio, so that the light and the background was consistent. The only thing that we changed was their makeup. They did their own makeup first (as if they were getting married, not just every day makeup) and then Jacquelyn did what she would normally do on a wedding day. Both of these girls know how to work with makeup. They aren’t total novices, but even with their knowledge (and the fact that they looked fine in person!) the professional makeup was so much better in photos! And these were taken in an ideal and very forgiving lighting situation. On a wedding day when the sun is harsh or the lighting is dim I’m sure that Jacquelyn’s makeup would be even that much better.

Advice for Professional Washington DC Area Wedding Makeup

Having seen the difference I can’t help by encourage ALL brides to have professional makeup done! The pros know all the tricks to keep your makeup lasting and looking good all day! They know how to make it look good in photos without looking (or feeling) like you have a ton of makeup on in person. With their help think of how great you will look in all your photos!

Washington DC Area Wedding Makeup Tips and Advice 


A big thank you to Lelia for sharing this great bridal beauty advice, and Jacquelyn for putting together these looks! If you’re on the hunt for a local wedding photographer, be sure to check out Lelia Marie Photography.

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