Good morning DC area wedding lovers! Are you ready to spend another Sunday morning with one of our awesome sponsors? Timmester Photography is a full service wedding photography company. Owner Tracy Timmester loves happy, colorful and creative wedding photography. Timmester Photography wants your wedding pictures to reflect who you are and what your wedding day was all about, and they accomplish that with a friendly and unobtrusive approach. Timmester Photography likes to disappear into the background and anticipate your meaningful moments. They pride themselves on having a connection with their clients and providing them with wedding day pictures that they absolutely love looking at after their big day. For more from Timmester Photography, be sure to check out their website or check out all of their past features on United With Love.



We hope that you’ll check out Timmester Photography as a wedding photographer in the Washington DC area. Join us again next weekend for Sunday brunch with another fantastic supporter of United With Love! We’ll see you back here bright and early Monday morning! If you are interested in joining us for brunch on United With Love, please send us an email.

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