Has planning your wedding in the Washington DC area got you down? Are you worried you won’t please everyone? We’ve given our advice on what to do if you hate wedding planning, but now it is time for some advice from the trenches. This time, we asked the real couples of the weddings in DC, MD or VA that we have featured on the blog. We have some great words of wisdom from couples who’ve been there; couples just like you who have gone through the arduous task of planning a wedding in the DMV. We asked them: “Now that you are married, is there one thing that you wish you knew before you started your wedding planning process?” So, sit back, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy hearing from local couples who’ve totally been there!


Photo Credit:  Lisa Boggs Photography from Ginly and Rob’s summer wedding in Virginia

Vendors + Details

Ginly + Rob: Do your research and then give yourself a limit on how many vendors from each category you will meet with. We ended up cake-tasting at eight different places and ended up with the first bakery we tried. Even though it was awesome tasting all the delicious cakes, I think it took some of the fun away. (See more of their Virginia wedding here!)

Tricia + David: I wish I had started earlier on some of the details. I had no idea how hectic things would be in the weeks leading up to the wedding. I was traveling a lot for work and we also decided to move into our new house a week before the wedding. I would have started finalizing details sooner so I could have enjoyed the days leading up to the wedding!

Melinda + Kevin: I wished that I had found my planners earlier. (see more of their Baltimore wedding here!)

Jessica + Ian: I wish I had known how much of my brain would be filled with all the details. We had a 15 month engagement and I know there were times when I was too distracted about the wedding to really enjoy being engaged. I allowed myself to get overwhelmed a time or two.

Kerrie + Mike: When it comes to vendors, trust your gut instinct. E-mail communication can definitely be reflective of how a vendor will work with you over the course of your planning and on the day of. The day really does go by so fast. Best piece of advice ever: someone told me to take a moment, stand at the door to your reception, and just take it all in. (See more of their wedding in Baltimore here!)

Annabel + Blake: How hard it is! It’s like a full time job. If you have the money in the budget for a planner, I highly recommend using one. In the end it was all worth it because we did everything so it was the way we wanted it!


Photo Credit: The Observatory from Layla and Mike’s wedding in DC


Erin + Devinder: All of the hidden costs! There are truly a lot of extra expenses that come up when planning a wedding. We definitely did not realize this at first!

Keeping the Peace

Meg + Matt: There’s no pleasing everyone! I drove myself crazy trying to keep everyone happy and it’s just impossible. At some point, you just have to do tune everyone else out and follow your instincts. The expression “to each his own” should be everyone’s wedding mantra.

Laura + Aaron: We loved our wedding, but it is only one day. While the temptation can be to keep up with the “Joneses,” do only as much you, as a couple, deem important. (See more of their wedding in Virginia here!)

Mona + Chris: Make the wedding meaningful to you both and you can’t go wrong. (See more of their wedding in DC here!)

Layla + Mike: One thing that I wish that I knew earlier is that you cannot make everyone happy, Elizabeth had to keep reminding me about that as we went along in the planning process. (See more of their wedding in DC here!)

Orialys + Cristal: Wedding blues, someone should have warned us! After such a long time of planning and being focused on the wedding. Then an amazing weekend filled with love and such great memories with friends, going back home was hard and the wedding blues certainly kicked in. We were unprepared for that. (See more of their wedding in DC here!)


That’s about all the advice we can handle in one day! Don’t worry though, you can see it all right here in the real DC, MD and VA wedding gallery. And, who knows, we might just have to do a round two and pull even more advice together. Best of luck and happy planning!

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