Are you melting in this heat?? I don’t do well in this humidity and I don’t know how brides and grooms do it either! If you are getting married in the Washington DC area this summer (or next) then the heat is something you’ll have to deal with. (Here are some of our fav summer weddings in the DC area!) We want you to look your best on your wedding day, so we asked the DC area’s top wedding make up and hair experts their advice for how to stay cool and gorgeous when it is super hot outside. You want to look amazing from start to finish, not have your hair and face melt away! On with the advice…


Photo Credit: The Happy Couple from Savannah and Patrick’s wedding in Charlottesville


“As a bride, the key to finding the perfect hair style is to start by giving yourself realistic expectations when it comes to your hair length, texture, and face shape. During hot summer months, it is important to take into consideration how your hair normally reacts to humidity and heat . This alone should be your question when you determine whether to wear your hair up or down. While we are ‘hairgicians,’ we can’t give you a whole new head of hair. However, we can give you extensions to help hold the curl and texture if you decide to wear your hair down or somewhat down. Oily hair and humidity are some main issues that we have. As a general rule, we recommend washing your hair the night before your wedding. Also, we really try to figure out a good hair routine before the wedding at the trial with our brides. While we talk to our brides at the trial, we also try to help our brides figure out what would be the best style option for them ( up or down) based on their hair texture, wedding month and how they tell us their hair normally reacts.” – from Julie at Jewel Hair Design

“For summer weddings, updos for hair keep the neck cooler, but not everyone wants or looks the best in an updo. You could also try a loose low bun that sits right at the hairline in back (or to one side) and gives the look of stylish volume. Are you interested in a ponytail or braids With a truly creative wedding hair stylist, these summer standards can be incorporated with some casual sophistication. If you have dreamed of flowing curls, or your hair half up all down for your wedding, these styles can work in the summer, especially if your stylist can show you ways to clip it back or partially up when the dancing heats up!” – Barbara at Bridal Artistry

“My ultimate secret weapon for summer hair is dry shampoo. Spray a little on your roots after styling and it will help absorb oil all day keeping your locks light and voluminous. With summer weddings it is always suggested to wear your hair up and out of your face. This will help your hair from getting stringy, flat or oily. If you are used to wearing your hair down and are not a fan of having a style pulled back, there are plenty of alternative options. Two great choices are a lower side bun or a side pony tail. Both of these styles are great to create some accent near and around your face while still holding up well. Keeping soft, well colored hair is a little harder during the summer months. The sun, wind and sand can dull hair color and damage the midshaft. I suggest using a hair SPF when out in the sun for long periods of time. If you are trying to keep hair out of your face on your wedding day, try a cute headband braid. Take your bangs and braid them back to keep the looking full and healthy. Secure with a bobby pin and you wont have to worry about flat or oily bangs.” – Alison at Alison Harper & Co.


“For summer weddings, blotting cloths are essential. A good blotting cloth will help to remove oil without removing makeup. You can just dab in any shiny areas to look renewed. For a less photographed wedding event, like a rehearsal or engagement party, sub out your foundation for a nice tinted moisturizer or BB cream. These are more lightweight and are less likely to look cakey or shiny. They do offer a little less coverage but you can follow up with a nice tinted finishing powder for a clean, fresh face with medium coverage. Always make sure that whatever facial product you are using contain SPF. With newer makeup coming out a lot of larger brands are getting into the SPF game. A nice, lightweight product can help protect from damaging rays with broad spectrum SPF 20 UVB/UVA. Avoid eye lid primers on steamier days. If they are not set properly, they can cause your eyelid to appear greasy and can crease your eye makeup. A great setting spray is essential for a summer application. It will help to keep you looking matte, control shine while keeping your face looking fresh all night.” – Alison at Alison Harper & Co.

“For summer weddings, long wearing, oil-free makeup foundations will endure the heat and humidity best. Be aware that airbrushed foundations will streak with tears and sweating and cannot be blended back to a natural look. Waterproof mascaras, oh yes! Also gel eye liners are water resistant and stay well throughout the day. Blotting sheets from the drug store should be in the bride’s touch up kit. Press them to the face and sweat or shine is absorbed and the powder finish is pushed back to the surface to keep the foundation intact. Too much shine on the face is a no-no for that smooth, polished bridal look! If you get too hot, wrap a few ice cubes in a wash cloth and lay it across the back of the neck and even behind the ears (if style allows) for a quick cool down without touching the face. It works!” –  – Barbara at Bridal Artistry


“Another additional thing we see a lot is tan lines. Bride-to-be will spend the weekend at the beach for a bachelorette party and come wedding day they end up with funny string lines on their shoulders. This is a quick reminder to pay attention to the style suit you wear prior to your wedding day and make sure to use sun screen!” – Alison at Alison Harper & Co.


Thank you so much, ladies!! Please be sure to check out Jewel Hair DesignAlison Harper & Co. and Bridal Artistry – the best wedding hair and makeup artists in the Washington DC area for your upcoming wedding!! 

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