We have a fun, super easy and very affordable DIY project for you today! This is for all of those delicious signature cocktails that you’ll be sipping on and comes from fellow Washington DC lifestyle bloggers, Rebecca and Suzanne, at A Feteful Life. When you are planning a wedding, sometimes  little things like cocktail napkins can fall by the wayside. However, when you see how easy these DIY cocktail napkins are you won’t forget to have them at your wedding reception, bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. They are so simple, yet they have a big impact! And, the best part is that they can be done way ahead of time – no late night crafting here! The ladies at A Feteful Life are going to take it from here…


When planning a wedding, trying to find simple ideas to customize it and give your guests a unique experience is always at the forefront of your mind – especially ideas that don’t bust the budget. Your bar can be a great place to focus those DIY efforts, from a signature cocktail, drink stirrers or these napkins. At A Feteful Life, our motto is “always simple, never plain.” We don’t believe that good design needs to be complicated or difficult to make a big impact and these napkins are no exception.




How to Make DIY Cocktail Napkins:

First, choose what stamp and napkin combination to use. It’s best to think first about what the overall color scheme will be for your wedding. For example, if your colors are aqua and orange, it might be best to have napkins with a single aqua or orange stamp.


After your color scheme is chosen, select your stamp. Are you interested in a monogrammed look? Or perhaps a single stamp in the corner? You could even create a unique pattern of your very own.

All right, now it’s time to get stamping! Make sure you have a clean work area and a clean stamp. The key to good stamping is to get enough ink on the stamp but then not pressing too hard when applying the stamp.


When creating a pattern, it’s easiest to pick a fixed spot to start. For these napkins, I always started in the bottom right corner and worked the pattern out from there.



Doing some practice stamps will help you figure out the perfect final product.


Step back and admire your handiwork and get ready to celebrate your big day!


All photos courtesy of A Feteful Life


So quick and easy right!? I personally love the monograms! Where will you be using your cocktail napkins? Don’t forget to check out all of our other wedding DIY ideas or pick out a signature cocktail to go along with these napkins! Thank you so much Rebecca and Suzanne for this great project. Be sure to check out their blog, A Feteful Life, for all things DIY and parties!

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