The search for a perfect wedding gown is without a doubt one of the most exciting decisions you’ll make during your wedding planning. While bridal dress shopping should certainly be the experience of a lifetime, for many brides, the prospect of finding the dress can be a daunting task—so why not choose a bespoke dress? Though it means more time devoted to wedding fashion with choosing details and embellishments, wearing a dress that is exactly as you wish could not be more satisfying. But we won’t send you off designing without some expert advice from a local expert! Mia from Jill Andrews Gowns, based in Baltimore, Maryland, is here to share some advice and reasons that going custom-made is the way to go! On that note, take it away, Mia…

Maryland Wedding Bespoke Wedding Dress Jill Andrews Gowns

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Be a Muse

You inspire us! The dressmakers will celebrate you, your body type, and your style. We work with you to create a balanced, cohesive look that draws attention to your glowing wedding-day face. We often craft your entire look, including veils, headpieces, and accessories, all the while keeping your choice of shoes in mind. Also, because the gown is made especially for you, it will fit you perfectly, with no need for alterations.

Shop Local

Choosing a custom-made dress supports local businesses. (Jill Andrews Gowns is located in Hampden, Baltimore, a neighborhood anchored by generations of hard-working families!) When you work with local, small businesses, you reestablish that connection. You know the people making your dress with care and love and we know you.

The Bespoke Experience

We could just say, “it’s fun” but it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Having your dress made by hand, there’s really nothing like it, and what better time to have such a special experience? Attending fittings with your bridesmaids in a working atelier, seeing your dress go from sketch, to mock up, to the real thing—it’s an experience you will cherish!

Maryland Wedding Custom Dress Design Maryland Wedding Bespoke Wedding Dress

Photo Credit: Jill Andrews Gowns

Create a Family Heirloom

Bespoke dresses are made with expert craftsmanship from the finest fabrics. We make them to become heirlooms. We can also make your custom dress from an existing heirloom. We have remade mother’s and grandmother’s wedding dresses. We can maintain their vintage aesthetic, or completely re-imagine them—whatever the bride desires! We have even had brides incorporate family heirloom pearls and even their grandmother’s hand-crocheted breadbox doily into their gown!

Wear Your Dream Dress

When you wear a bespoke gown, every detail you desire can be yours. We have traveled with clients to find the perfect shade of moss ribbon and sourced lace with a specific lily of the valley motif. Your dress will have the best dive of the neckline, your favorite back detail, the perfect color. You don’t have to compromise. A bespoke wedding dress can be whatever you want it to be. When you have highly trained and talented artisans working with you, and for you, the wedding dress you always dreamed of will become a reality.


So many great reasons for choosing a bespoke wedding dress! A big, big thank you to Mia for sharing all this great advice! If you’re looking to design a wedding gown (or any special occasion dress!) be sure to check out Jill Andrews Gowns.

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