Are you super into the food part of your wedding planning? Better yet, would you describe yourself as a “foodie” and are really looking forward to selecting the menu for your wedding?? There is no doubt that the food and restaurant scene in the Washington DC area has changed (for the better!) over the past few years. As such, I’ve noticed that more and more of you are really interested in your wedding day menu are prioritizing the meal portion of your wedding over other parts of your wedding day. Who doesn’t want to have a great meal and share that with their friends and family!?

I thought it would make a great little series to talk wedding menus and wedding catering advice with some of the best wedding caterers in the Washington DC area. In addition, I asked them for a sample wedding menu for a “foodie” couple. First up, is Main Event Caterers. Cheryl from Main Event Caterers gives us a few wedding food tips followed by a sample wedding menu from a recent DC area wedding. Take it away, Cheryl…


Photo Credit: Abby Grace Photography from Southern wedding ideas

As far as tips for planning the perfect wedding menu, my advice is to not think about what you like to eat, but rather what your guests like to eat. Let’s face it, most couples are so busy enjoying their wedding that they forget to eat. That’s why at Main Event Caterers our policy is to pack up a to go box for each of them before their event even begins to make sure they get the freshest passed hors d’oeuvres and all the courses for when they get back to their hotel and realize they’re starving. I can’t tell you how appreciative our clients are about this extra touch.

We have actually catered an event where the bride and groom were vegetarians and they only ordered vegetarian items for their guests. With older relatives in most wedding groups you can understand the push back our staff got when we started serving the entrée course.  They got very good at answering the question “don’t you have any meat available?” We do our best to counsel our clients on designing a menu to meet your guests’ needs.

The wedding menu below is something we have done recently in the Washington DC for a bride and groom that were breaking with tradition and going for more of a brunch style event instead of an evening wedding. The great news for anyone who would consider this for their wedding is that they can get a huge break on the price of their venue. Saturday evenings are the highest demand time slot for weddings in the DC area, thus they command the highest price. If a couple would consider a Sunday, Friday evening or Saturday morning wedding they can get a great deal on their venue.

Southern Glam Brunch Wedding Menu

Tray-Passed Hors d’Oeuvres…

Chicken ‘n Waffles with Tabasco honey glaze

Bacon + Corn Griddle Cakes with bourbon-touched maple syrup

Raspberries + Brie in a golden pastry envelope

Brunch Buffet…

Corn, Cheddar + Jalapeno Frittata – baked Italian omelet with a Southern flair

Banana Pecan Buttermilk Pancakes with warm Vermont maple syrup

Grilled Chicken + Apple Sausages charred over open flame

Fire Grilled Asparagus Spears with lemon butter enrobed

Pink Grapefruit Halves topped with brown sugar and baked

Strawberry and Spinach Salad with toasted sliced almonds and lightly tossed with balsamic vinaigrette

Hand Carved Fresh Fruit with local honey-touched vanilla yogurt

House Made Biscuits with honey-whipped butter, apple butter and warm sausage gravy

Dessert Buffet…

House-Made Windowsill Pie Collection:
Georgia Peach
Southern Mud Pie
Sweet Potato


Who is hungry?! Thank you so much Main Event Caterers for giving us some great tips and wedding menu advice. Be sure to check back in a few weeks as we feature more of these wedding foodie menus and more tips.

If you are looking for more wedding food advice, be sure to check out this post on questions to ask your wedding caterer and 5 tips for having good food at your wedding.

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