Welcome back for more wedding pro advice on engagement sessions in the Washington DC area! (Did you miss our post this morning on how to choose a wedding engagement location??) Wedding engagement sessions are such an exciting time, especially considering that this is most likely the first time you both are having pictures taken of you professionally. So what do you need to know? Once again, some of the top Washington DC area wedding photographers are here to offer their pro advice and guide you along the way. Before you read on, make sure to check out advice for choosing an engagement session location!


Photo Credit: {a}strid photography from Tina + Kyle’s Old Town Engagement

“If they want some photos that have that iconic Washington feel, I try to do that for the engagement shoot rather than rushing around to monuments on the wedding day when time is tight.” – Deb, owner of Deb Lindsey Photography

“I always recommend that clients keep a digital tear sheet or a private Pinterest page.  That way, anytime they see an image that speaks to them they can add it to the sheet – like a visual journal.  When they share that visual journal with me, I can dial in my own style with their developing aesthetic in order to come up with some ideal locations.   After all, a photo is worth at least two thousand words…  right?” – Drew, owner of Drew Bird Photography

“Some of my favorite engagement session locations to photograph in are cafe’s or restaurants.  These locations combined with my couples lend themselves to more of a photojournalistic feel, rather than just super posed and pretty.  The interaction between my couples at a café or restaurant is much like it would be if I was not photographing them, so I really feel like I’m glimpsing who my couples are on a day-to-day basis.  Just a few pointers though: Call ahead to these locations and confirm it’s okay for you to photograph there!  I do recommend an outdoor table over indoor to minimize the attention of other patrons.  However, as long as the café or restaurant is on board with what you are doing, you are good to go!” – Lisa, owner of Lisa Boggs Photography

“I think couples should choose engagement session locations based on their personal story. I have my couples tell me about themselves, their personalities and their own love story. Through that we find a location unique to them. Whether it be a winery because they both appreciate good wine, or maybe the coffee shop were they first met, or even the location where he proposed, the engagement session should be another small piece that reflects who they truly are as a couple.” – Astrid, owner of {a}strid photography

“The magic hours of the morning or before sunset are my favorite times to shoot. It’s beautiful and the photos look warm. But any time during the day will work just fine. Worried that it’s cloudy outside? Worry no more! Cloudy days make for beautiful photos!” – Hannah, owner of Hannah Colclazier Photography

“Keep in mind that in many spots photography is not allowed without a permit (and fee) and in some spots photography isn’t permitted at all!  It can be a little frustrating but it’s better to go through all the paperwork to legally be there than to get kicked out.” – Lelia, owner of Lelia Marie Photography


Thank you so much to all of the awesome Washington DC area wedding photographers who helped us out! And special thanks to our lovely reader who was brave enough to ask us a questions! (We love our readers, so ask away!!)

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