Where are all my engaged Maryland couples at!? This next installment in our DIY wedding dessert series is for you! As a proud Marylander, I was inspired by my home state and the official flower, the Black-Eyed Susan. Hannah Colclazier Photography was on hand to capture these sweet and simple petals that are perfect for a Maryland wedding or other wedding-related celebration. If you can use a cookie cutter on dough, then I guarantee this tutorial is just as simple! (Be sure to check out these Washington DC-inspired fondant roses and Virginia-inspired gum paste dogwood cupcake toppers, too!)

DIY Maryland Inspired Wedding Desserts DIY Gumpast Black-Eyed Susan Flowers


Wilton Ready-to-Use Gum Paste
Vegetable shortening
Edible glue
Black gel food coloring
Yellow gel food coloring


Small daisy cutter
Flower forming cups or an egg carton
Fondant roller

To Make:

First, put on those gloves! The last thing you’ll want is food coloring on your skin and the gum paste can’t get sticky! Next, put a little vegetable shortening on your palms – kind of like hand lotion. It’s a little gross, I know, but it helps to soften the gum paste. Separate your gum paste into two sections – one for the yellow petals, the other for the black center. To color the gum paste, dip your toothpick into the gel food coloring and poke several holes into the gum paste and massage it in until you’ve reached your desired color. Simple as that!

Lightly dust your work space with cornstarch. Using your roller, flatten out the yellow gum paste until it’s 1/8 in. Cut out the blooms using the daisy cutter and gently pick up and let it set in a flower former or egg carton so that the petals dry upward. To make the center of the flower, you can do a homemade version and form the paste into a button size and shape, and then add texture using a piece of tulle.

Be sure to fasten the center on the “back” of the dried flower because unlike a daisy, the black-eyed Susan petals go backward. Use edible glue to secure – I like this recipe from Sweetopia.


A big, big thank you to Hannah Colclazier Photography for taking such pretty pictures! Where will you be using your fondant roses? Don’t forget to check out all of our other wedding DIY desserts! Can you tell we have a sweet tooth!?

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Photo Credits: Hannah Colclazier Photography

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